A Job for the Professionals: 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Paving Professional

Hiring a Paving Professional

Sometimes, hiring a paving contractor seems like a waste of time and money – especially if you’re unsure of who you can trust or think you can do it yourself with the help of some handymen. Why hire a professional team, who bring along their professional equipment, when paving a parking lot? You’ve seen the YouTube videos, you’ve searched online forums. This should be simple. But like all things in life, you get what you pay for. And when you hire a paving contractor who stands behind their work, you are guaranteed results.

When you try to go at it alone, you risk making major mistakes that can come back to bite you. Perhaps your commercial parking lot drainage isn’t properly in place, the pavement does not slope correctly or maybe you have cracked asphalt surface. Easily made but extremely costly mistakes like these can often be committed by an enthusiastic amateur. They should never be made by professionals.

Paving Professionals Will Save You Time

A business owner is always time poor. You’ve got customers to meet and employees to guide. Spending extra time repainting parking lot lines and filling cracks is simply a waste of your precious time – especially when paving professionals like Elite Asphalt provide such good value for your money.

Paving professionals like us can provide parking lot maintenance services to cover every need your commercial parking lot has. Beginning with an evaluation, a professional can build a sound maintenance plan to keep your parking lot in superb condition and project the quality your business delivers.

Hiring a company to provide parking lot maintenance saves you precious time to focus on your business.

Professional Pavers Will Save You Money

Some of life’s clichés are true. You get what you pay for is one of them. Although undertaking parking lot paving yourself might seem like an opportunity to save money, it rarely is. What you save in professional fees may well become a costly bother in the future.

When you employ the services of professional parking lot pavers, you purchase learned skills and aptitudes as well as years of hard-won experience. Professionals have been there and done it many thousands of times; they know the game. The economical price they charge is a sound investment.

Having a parking lot maintenance plan will help to identify any potential problems for your lot surface, nipping them in the bud before they become more costly. Maintenance helps protect your parking lot for longer.

Professionals Deliver Top Quality Results

Professional asphalt paving companies follow strict industry guidelines and conform to regulations set out in best-practice processes.

Professionals are proud of their work and know that their jobs display the quality of the service they offer.

This means that professionals don’t cut corners, making sure you have a flawless lot drainage system with a stable sub-base than guarantees an asphalt surface that is smooth and durable and set to last for a long time.

ADA Compliance Is Part of the Process with Professionals

Commercial parking lots fall under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) that sets out strict guidelines to fulfill the needs of disabled Americans. This includes ADA compliant ramps for wheelchair use. Not only are ADA ramps legally required, but it’s common decency to give ever American easy access.

Hiring a Paving Professional

One of the rules in the ADA is that designated handicap-accessible parking spaces are properly striped. Another sets out the minimum number of parking stalls your lot must have dependent on the number of spaces overall.

Hiring an expert guarantees you’re within the law on the ADA.

Professionals Help Lower Your Liability.  Hiring a Paving Professional is Important!

If you don’t maintain your parking lot and follow regulations set out by law, then you can be open to liability should anything happen to a parking lot visitor. Trips on uneven pavements can cause personal injury, while vehicle tires, wheels and shocks can be damaged. If you’ve not followed ADA regulations then that too can cause problems to your wallet and reputation.

Paving professionals can help rid your lot of potentially damaging debris, of pot holes that might dent wheels or of broken curbs that can promote falls. They can help make the parking lot experience more user-friendly by installing lighting, providing landscaping and install clear signage to reduce the chance of accidents.

Industry professionals are professionals for a reason: they know how to guarantee quality in a commercial parking lot. In the long run, they save you time, money and hassle.

Hiring a paving contractor saves you the money of hiring a lawyer by helping to reduce your liability. Learn how to choose the right asphalt contractor for your parking lot.


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