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It’s time for school, time for class. Time for proper parking lot paving

Parking Lot Paving At Schools And UniversititesParking lots of schools, colleges, and universities get near-constant traffic. Car, buses, delivery vehicles, bicycles, skateboards, and foot traffic. You need to make sure your asphalt and concrete pass the test.  Call us for parking lot paving

Keeping students, teachers, and administrators safe are but one of the jobs of an educational facility. There are many aspects of that, one of which is the parking lot or lots that serve your school. Making sure that cars, trucks, and pedestrians are all safe from trip hazards, and that each lot is properly marked is key to maintaining safety.

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Elite Asphalt offers pavement maintenance plans that keep asphalt and concrete in A+ shape. We work with school administrators to keep your parking lots safe.

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