Parking Lot Finishing

Parking Lot Finishing consists of making sure your parking lot is ready for your customers and patrons to start using the lot.   We make sure your parking lot is in tip-top shape and looking it’s best by the time we finish the job.

Our parking lot finishing services consist of the following:

Parking Lot Finishing

  • Sweeping

    Sweeping the dust and debris from your pavement is important during any phase of your project. Sweeping helps prevent early deterioration. It also helps control dust. Sweeping up after ourselves allows Brown Brothers to have the best possible surface on which to work.

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  • Signs

    We install proper traffic control to help ensure safety in your parking lot. Depending on your property’s needs, we place stop signs, no-parking signs, ADA-compliant handicap signs, and more.

  • Speed Bumps

    Speed bumps also help to provide additional safety to your parking lot by helping control the speed at which people travel.

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