Parking Lot Paving in Dallas/ Fort Worth, Texas

Parking Lot Paving Texas.  Parking Lot Paving in Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas

Why Parking Lots Matter in the DFW Area

It’s a cliché but that’s because it’s true. First impressions count and everyone knows it. When a potential customer arrives at your business by car, one of the first things they’ll notice is your parking lot. If it isn’t in good condition, well-kept and maintained, then you can kiss that customer goodbye.

Elite Asphalt is here to rid your parking lot of potholes, cracks, fissures and drainage problems. While we take care of structural errors, we’ll also make sure your lot keeps looking great with professional paving and maintenance. We also work with concrete.

The first step in a beautiful parking lot that stands up to the task is an evaluation from our friendly team. We’ll send a couple of experts to check your surface and offer a quote that takes your situation into account.

While we look at a variety of factors while carrying out the evaluation some of the most important aspects are:

  • Traffic flow rate – how much and how often?
  • Lay of the land – are there any dangers or challenges on the intended parking lot surface?
  • Ground check – what sort of soil is beneath our feet?

The Different Types of Parking Lots

There are some major groups that most parking lots in the DFW area can be broken into. Here’s a rundown.

  • Low impact pavement: The standard pavement used standard passengers – family cars and the infrequent truck. This type of pavement does not require protection against major loads.
  • Medium impact pavement: This surface is suited to larger trucks and heavier loads, with constant use. Not generally used in industrial zones.
  • Heavy impact pavement: The very strongest pavement used when traffic is constant and full of heavy loads, including construction and industrial heavy vehicles. Often used on industrial sites.

The strength and type of pavement that your parking lot will need will depend on the type of traffic that it is likely to encounter. The majority of asphalt parking lots will see heavy traffic or use from heavy-load vehicles occasionally. But when a parking lot is under continual heavy use, it is a different story.

The team of paving experts from Elite Asphalt are here to give guidance on the best paving for the needs of you or your business. We can suggest the best balance between your needs and budget so that the ideal paving package is delivered directly.

Picking the Right Paving Company in Fort Worth

The quality of the paving job you receive will be down to the professionalism and experience of the paving company that you select. Elite Asphalt is the gold-standard for asphalt paving in the DFW area with over three decades of experience across commercial, industrial and residential properties.

We fit drainage and offer maintenance too. Make sure you get the best for your business with Elite Asphalt.


The Most Trusted Pavement Contractor in Dallas, Fort Worth & North Texas!

Elite Asphalt is formed of a team of pavement experts. With over 30 years’ experience, we have worked on all types of asphalt pavement and concrete projects. With an up-to-date, cutting-edge fleet of equipment, we offer services for all types of paving jobs, from complete installations to ongoing maintenance.

We carry out projects for property managers, developers, contractors and homeowners. If you need an Estimate for your next commercial, industrial or residential project, please call (817) 451-0011 today to speak with one of our trusted advisers.

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