Roadway Paving

We specialize in roadway paving, guaranteeing you the ultimate long-lasting, hard-wearing asphalt or concrete surface.

Elite Asphalt is the paving contractor of choice for municipal roads, residential roads, and roadways of every nature. Whether you need a roadway on a commercial site or an industrial one, we have the tools and expertise for you.

Our team members are expert pavers, and their considerable skills are backed by our modern, comprehensive fleet of specialist pavers and paving trucks. This allows us to quickly complete jobs while maintaining the excellence that is associated with the Elite Asphalt name.

We are happy to work on road and roadway paving of any size. We have worked with counties and municipalities successfully many times in the past and always welcome the chance to work with them again.

Likewise, we have worked with large corporations in commercial complexes as well as major industrial sites.

We welcome large-scale road and roadway paving projects and have the capacity to fulfill any requirement you may have. We specialize in building roadways for a number of properties including:

  • Developing Roads for New Housing Developments
  • RV Parks
  • Subdivisions
  • Storage Centers
  • Religious organizations
  • Shopping Centers
  • Residential properties
  • Commercial Properties
  • Industrial sites and more!

To provide the very best surface, we optimize our fleet and logistics management to ensure continuous paving. This offers the highest laydown capacity and forms the smoothest, most hard-wearing surface.

As the most recognized paving company in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we demonstrate a long and trusted reputation in asphalt and concrete paving. Our good name stands the test of time. Not only are our team experts in the field, but they put our customers at the very center of their thoughts.

For more information or a quote on your road or roadway then please get in touch with us today.

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