The Need for ADA Ramps in DFW Commercial Buildings

Commercial ADA Ramps.  There are two very clear reasons that the majority of commercial and public buildings in the Dallas-Fort Worth area need ADA access ramps. The first is the legal requirement set down in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which stipulates that a commercial building that members of the public can enter, must be accessible to all. For wheelchair users and those with disabilities, a ramp is the easiest way to achieve this. The second reason is that decency dictates that any American should have the ability to enter a commercial property, whether that person has disabilities or not. Needs should be met.

Which DFW Buildings Need Ramp Access

Though many commercial and public property owners will want to deliver access to all via a well installed ramp, which will comply with laws, expand the pool of visitors to the building and improve the institute or business’s reputation, it is not a legal requirement for all.

Those buildings that are required by law to have an ADA access ramp include public buildings such as libraries and churches. Similarly, educational institutes including universities and schools are also required to have a ramp.

Equal Access for All

The intention of the ADA regulation is to guarantee access for all. Regardless of the disability a person may have, the spirit of the requirement is to provide the same quality of access to institutes, services and businesses to each individual. Those buildings that include an ADA access ramp make access far easier for those with limited mobility, and therefore become far more popular to be visited by wheelchair users, those with disabilities and family members or friends. In Dallas, Texas, the effort of a business owner to install a ramp is noticed.

Building Requirements for a Ramp

The main issue with installing a ramp in your DFW building is space. Ramps require more space than a small case of stairs and so the building owner must control enough outside space to ensure there is sufficient room for ramp installation. Paving contractors like Elite Asphalt can advise a business on this.

A quality paving contractor like Elite Asphalt is needed to ensure that the ramp to be installed meets the regulations found in the Americans with Disabilities Act. For example, the ADA regulations stipulate a certain gradient in ratio as well as a flat area at both the beginning and end of the slope. Additionally, to fit ADA regulations, the slope must have an accompanying handrail that does not rise more than 6”. Similarly, if the slope requires a landing space or there is a pivot in direction between the bottom and the top of the slope, this must be a minimum of 60” in width and 60” in length.

These are just some of the examples that buildings must meet to be ADA certified. Only high-quality, customer-focused pavers in the DFW area can guarantee your slope with successfully conform to these rules.

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