Chip Seal Parking Lots

Chip seal parking lots are a fantastic addition for any successful business.

The functionality of a parking lot can have a huge impact on the life of any business. Not only does the parking lot give clients their first impression of the company, but a poorly paved parking lot, or one that is malfunctioning, will restrict the number of customers able to access the business at any one time. That’s why it’s important to get your parking lot right. With a chip seal parking lot installed by Elite Asphalt LLC, your business will receive a pleasant-looking, perfectly working and cost-effective parking lot. Chip seal is an extremely durable surface material that offers an alternative choice for business owners. Rather than the classic blacktop surface, chip seal is earthier in tone and can fit in more subtly with many landscapes. It is ideal for the landscape in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

While chip sealing is a more economic option to asphalt, it is nevertheless able to withstand heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic and is therefore an ideal choice for parking lots. Added to the ruggedness of chip seal is the low level of maintenance required for its upkeep. It is likely to last longer than asphalt and not require conservation effort required to keep the blacktop surface in perfect condition.
Our team of expert pavers will discuss your parking lot requirements and come up with a plan tailored to your space. We will then prepare the ground and pave the chip seal surface, quickly, professionally and without fuss.
We aim to please our customers and make the experience of chip sealing their parking lots as painless as possible.
Invest in your business with a cost-effective chip seal parking lot service from Elite Asphalt LLC.

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