Chip Seal Roads

Chip seal is the ideal road surface for municipal and county roads through the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area.

With Elite Asphalt LLC, roads and roadways can be paved in a uniquely durable and cost-effective fashion with the chip seal surface option.

There are many benefits of using chip sealing as a road surface.

Chip sealing is water resistant and helps to defend against damage from heavy weather. When the rain comes down in buckets, as it does in the DFW, Texas area, chip sealing gives the road a protective edge.

Chip sealing also adds a valuable layer of friction that helps cars control speeds and offers extra grip for moving at speed, turning corners or braking. Unlike asphalt, chip sealing does not reflect the glare of a car’s headlights and thereby reduces the danger that drivers are during wet weather. Similarly, the extra friction offered by chip sealing greatly reduces skidding and loss of control.

Added to this is the fact that chip sealing is a hardier surface and requires far less maintenance to function at a safe level. While asphalt may crack of potholes form, chip sealing offers greater durability meaning that road closures are fewer and costs are kept down.

The cost of chip sealing is another reason for its popularity as a road surface. It is an economic and cost-effective paving method and can be up to a quarter less expensive than asphalt paving. When many miles of road are being paved, this is a huge help.

Elite Asphalt LLC’s team of professionals will survey your road surface prior to carrying out our chip sealing service. Our experts will offer guidance on the best way to roll out your paving needs and work efficiently to provide you with a sound, safe and beautiful road surface.

For road chip sealing surfaces from a trusted name, call Elite Asphalt LLC today.

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