Paving Services in North TexasNeed a parking lot, road or driveway paved? We only deal in quality.

We’ve been providing asphalt paving, maintenance, repair and construction services in Dallas Fort-Worth since 2001. We are the gold-standard.

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When you need a smooth and durable asphalt, concrete or brick surface, come to Elite Asphalt LLC. A driveway, road or parking lot is an investment, so choose to invest with the best. We save you money and stress by getting it right the first time.

Increase your property’s “curb appeal” with us, check our Gallery, and our government photo!

Provided Services in and around Dallas / Fort Worth

Elite Asphalt provides many types of parking lot paving services, not just the paving!

With our dedicated team of expert pavers, we offer ground excavation, asphalt patch repairs, pothole repairs, curb installation and drainage systems among other economical and professional services. When you make an investment, make it count with Elite Asphalt. Right here in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Our chip and seal parking lot service frees you of arduous and time-consuming maintenance so that you can simply enjoy a strong, stable and long-lasting chip seal parking lot.

Elite Asphalt provides exceptional chip seal paving to offer your clients superb surface traction to avoid slipping hazards. And all with an eye-pleasing, natural appearance anywhere in DFW.

Elite Asphalt is capable of paving municipal, city and residential roads across the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Our team of skilled professional pavers, aided by a fully-fitted fleet of modern paving vehicles, can reach any DFW location to provide the exceptional paving services you require.

For natural-looking roads that require little maintenance, chip seal paving offers a supreme choice.

Not only does chip seal look great and last longer, it’s also exceptional value for its low cost.
Elite Asphalt workers are chip seal specialists and pave chip seal roads through the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

For an exceptional chip seal service at the right price, get in touch.

Commercial and Industrial driveways take a lot of traffic throughout the year. This means they’re under constant stress. Elite Asphalt paves strong driveways to withstand the strain of commercial and industrial sites.

For driveway paving that doesn’t require continued maintenance, we’re the professional choice in Dallas-Fort Worth. Invest in the best, with us.

For a quality asphalt surfaces that function to exceptional standards, recycled asphalt paving from Elite Asphalt is the best choice.

We reduce your impact on the environment without compromising on the superb service of your asphalt surface.

Find out about our rates and grab a quote by contacting us today.

Why excavate if your parking lot’s problems are only skin deep?

Elite Asphalt provides businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with parking lot resurfacing services as a quicker, cheaper option for improving the appearance of your lot’s blacktop without a total repaving.

Our resurfacing service is efficient and affordable. Get in touch today.

Elite Asphalt can provide your parking lot with the armor it needs against the sun and rain with our superb parking lot sealcoating service.

Sealcoating acts as an extra layer of protection between the body of your asphalt surface and the elements outside to delay the damage that all surfaces come under.

Sealcoating means your parking lot lasts for longer and needs less maintenance. Good for you and your budget.

Our parking lot line striping will renew faded lines on your parking lot to offer users clear instructions and spaces on where to park.

Parking lot striping is a necessary feature to ensure safety of users and fulfil the legal requirements of commercial parking lots.

Get an affordable, professional service from Elite Asphalt.

Asphalt repair services from Elite Asphalt will guarantee your surface looks its best and save you money.

All asphalt surfaces endure wear and tear. But by addressing problems as soon as they arise, you can avoid larger service costs further down the line.

Our professional repair service is ideal for any parking lot in the Dallas Fort-Worth area.

When heavy loads use your road or parking lot, base stabilization provides the strength for ongoing protection.

Elite Asphalt’s base stabilization service produces a thickened surface that can withstand heavy vehicular traffic or heavy vehicles.

Base stabilization is ideal for working commercial and industrial areas. We can provide a quick and affordable job throughout Dallas-Fort Worth.

We provide a solid and long-lasting base for your new driveway or road using the pulverized remains of your old one.

With milling and pulverization services, Elite Asphalt will pull up your old surface, pulverize it and use this reclaimed material – along with cement and other stabilizing – to provide a new and improved base for your new driveway or road.

Elite Asphalt is available throughout the Dallas Fort-Worth area.

Grading and excavation are the jobs required before paving is put down. Elite Asphalt will speed your job along by doing this all for you – no waiting around for other contractors.

Our fleet of heavy machinery means we can deal with every aspect of a paving job, including grading and excavation. We prepare the ground so that your surface is smooth, flat and completely durable.

All at an affordable price.

Commercial and industrial sites often need paving features a standard parking lot does not.

We supply concrete curbs, dolly pads and sidewalks to ensure your site has the robust functionality concrete offers as well.

For concrete work throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Elite Asphalt is here.

Elite Asphalt lays smooth, immaculate residential driveway paving whose beauty belies its strength.

Working across the Dallas-Fort Worth area, our professional team can pave your driveway with attractive asphalt that provides a beautiful welcome to your home and lasts for years.

For a combination of longevity and good looks in your residential driveway, come to us.

When your residential driveway needs a facelift, come to Elite Asphalt.

Residential driveway resurfacing offers an immaculate new surface without the need to rip up your entire driveway base. Instead, we apply a new blacktop surface to give your existing driveway a new lease of life.

Not only does this make your job more efficient but also saves you money.

For a long-lasting driveway that requires little maintenance, Elite Asphalt can bring chip seal to you.

For residential driveways that a natural appearance and a very long lifespan with little upkeep, chip seal is the best option.

Our affordable chip seal driveway service is available through Dallas-Fort Worth.

Get all the benefits of asphalt paving without the environmental impact, with our recycled asphalt paving service.

Elite Asphalt’s environmentally-friendly paving option saves you money but still provides the quality, enduring asphalt paving surface that customers expect from us.
This ever popular asphalt choice is available across Dallas Fort-Worth.

Protect your driveway from the wear and tear weather inflicts with driveway sealcoating from Elite Asphalt.

The sun that shines on Dallas-Fort Worth, as well as the rain that pours, can damage your driveway. With sealcoating, an extra layer of protection helps maintain your driveway surface for many years more.

Save yourself the costs of maintenance with seal coating from us.

When your asphalt has been worn down by cracks, potholes or divots, our asphalt repair will give it a renewed lease of life.

Asphalt repair is an economical alternative to entirely repaving your surface. Our professional teams localize areas of damaged asphalt and repair them for long-term use.

Save money and stress with Elite Asphalt.

Elite Asphalt carries out all forms of concrete work on your residential property.

For hard-wearing concrete driveways, walkways to beautify a garden or patios to sit out on and enjoy, we’re happy to come to your home anywhere within the Dallas-Fort Texas area. You can also check our e-book for free advice!

We also service all your Tar And Chip needs, whether it’s a driveway or a road!!

Our professional team will expertly lay eye-pleasing, enduring concrete that saves you money.

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