Milling, Stabilizing, and Pulverization

Full-depth reclamation.  Elite Asphalt LLC provides pulverization of asphalt (aka. FRD- full-depth reclamation). In this process, both the asphalt driving surface and a predetermined amount of the underlying base layers are ground up, uniformly crushed, and returned to your parking lot or road as reclaimed base materials. We take this recycled aggregate and add in cement and other stabilizing additives to provide a long-lasting, strong base for your new driveway or road. As a result, we only need a thin layer of asphalt on top of the FDR pavement for increased load-carrying, improved moisture resistance, and superior performance.

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When it comes to resurfacing deteriorated pavement, milling and pulverization offer you an effective route to a high-performance surface at a reduced cost.

So often, products that cost less also provide less durability or reduced performance. But with our road reclamation techniques, we can bring stabilized base and elite asphalt that truly stands the test of time for less than the cost of complete removal and replacement.

Here’s how the pulverization and the cement stabilization are done…. they both use the same machine.

Benefits of Pulverizing

Pulverizing a parking lot is always intended to minimize the cost of reconstructing a failed pavement by utilizing the existing pavement as new base material prior to paving. No pavement is hauled away, saving costs on excavating and trucking.

Our reclaimed asphalt pavement process offers you myriad benefits including:

  • Reduced cost. Because reclaimed paving uses a large portion of your pavement’s existing materials, new material costs are reduced. You also save on the cost of hauling away old materials and on disposal costs. Asphalt reclamation is typically substantially cheaper than removing your pavement and installing an all-new surface.
  • Superior performance. The full-depth pavement reclamation process results in a stronger substructure for your asphalt driving surface. FDR pavement can handle increased weight loads and is more impervious to moisture and frost penetration.
  • Resource conservation. By utilizing primarily existing materials, reclaimed paving is an environmentally-friendly choice. It also reduces energy expenditures, as old materials do not need to be trucked off-site for disposal.
  • Fast project completion. Road reclamation requires minimal traffic disruption, so you can get back to business as usual ASAP.
  • Reduced long-term maintenance. Our pavement reclamation process provides a more durable product than other paving techniques, reducing the amount of maintenance your road or parking lot is likely to need in the future. This brings you additional cost reduction.
  • And more

If you’re dealing with severely distressed pavement at your business or residence, our road reclamation process brings you the best of both worlds: improved performance at a lower cost! Serving Fort Worth and North Texas, Elite Asphalt LLC is your resource for full-depth reclamation that meets your paving needs. Contact us today to learn more about reclaimed asphalt and your property!

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