ADA Compliant Ramps: Why Your DFW Business Needs Them

ADA Compliant Ramp.  Providing access to everyone in Dallas, Texas

Regardless of the disabilities or difficulty in movement that a person may have, everybody deserves equal access to a building, service or facility. However, now all buildings in the DFW area have access ramps. Though some building owners may consider ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant ramps unnecessary, their installation can benefit DFW businesses in a number of ways.

Improved Access, Improved Trade

Without pointing out the obvious, one of the major reasons for installing a high-quality and ADA compliant access ramp to your business is that it will help increase the number of people able to access your building. This will have the knock-on effect of increasing the trade in your DFW business.

Not only are wheelchair users more able to access your building, but so too are the elderly who are less able to tackle a flight of stairs. With a growing elderly population and an increasing use of scooters, crutches or other walking aids, this is a key consideration.

With access ramps, each member of the local community will be given the ability to reach your service. Not only will this ensure those with limited mobility can enter every business just like anyone else, but it will also make sure these people are satisfied.

A satisfied customer base and an increased flow of trade into your DFW business will more than cover the cost of an ADA access ramp. The quality and affordability of an access ramp from Elite Asphalt guarantees this.

Lessen the Likelihood of Injury

Installing an ADA access ramp at your Dallas-Fort Worth business also lessens the likelihood of anybody having a trip or fall outside of your building. When access ramps aren’t present, individuals with reduce mobility or disabilities may be forced to attempt entrance in an unsafe manner. If this results in injury then your business is at risk. On top of this, your reputation is likely to be negatively affected.

Unexpected Benefits

There are many other benefits in installing access ramps to your business. The clearest one of all is the improved delivery access that your company now receives. If a heavy or cumbersome item is delivered, your team can simply roll it up the access ramp and reduce the time and effort it takes to be delivered. Easy!


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