Rehabilitation and Repair for Asphalt

How to Repair Asphalt

Asphalt Rehabilitation and Repair.  Asphalt surfaces require some repair after years of use. Like all materials, asphalt eventually wears down and must be rehabilitated. But the method for repair depends on the damage that the surface has taken. It’s imperative that a paving contractor looks at your asphalt surface on its individual merits.

If you have a damaged asphalt driveway, parking lot of road, these are some of the methods that are likely to be suggested for repair.

Dealing with Potholes

Potholes are the classic sign of damage that owners of parking lots and driveways will see. Potholes form due to the surface being compromised, often due to lack of care, or due to a subsurface problem.

The usual way to repair potholes is patching. There are both hot and cold patching types and the one chosen will depend on your particular scenario. While hot patches offer durable and ongoing repair, cold patches are a quick fix for cold seasons. Cold patches are either used because the weather is not suitable to apply a hot patch or because the asphalt surface owner intends to soon resurface completely.

Cold-mix patching is a straight-forward job whereby the contracting company will remove any leftover, waste asphalt still in the pothole by using compressed air. They will then use a primer to ready the asphalt before pouring the cold mix into the pothole to be repaired. A method known as tamping is then used to flatten and compact the mixture.

Hot-mix patching is a longer operation. Usually, the contracting team will excavate the area around the pothole. This can be done by hand and shovel or by machine and the team may use a pneumatic drill. The excavation will be dug deep enough to completely remove the hole and the surrounding area and will then be given a strong base foundation by filling partially with gravel. Afterwards, the hot-mix asphalt is added and raked smooth. Like the cold-mix patching, tamping is then performed to assure a smooth, compressed form.

The eventual patching will be slightly above the surrounding surface height. This is done so that the newly repair area can take the weight of cars or footfall overhead.

Urgent Repairs and Crack Sealing

Cracks are far more varied than potholes and so they require more varied repair and rehabilitation methods. Among the most common asphalt cracks found are the fine, the crocodile skin and the regular crack pattern. The names of these crack types are given due to their appearance.

A popular remedy to repair cracking in an asphalt driveway, roadway or parking lot is with a skin patch. The skin patch is a popular method for rehabilitating and repairing asphalt cracks. To do this, the contracting company will first remove and debris near the cracks and then pour on a hot-mix. As with pothole repair, the hot-mix is leveled and tamped for a smooth surface. Tamping also ensures compaction which is vital for good construction.

Asphalt Rehabilitation and Repair

Sealants are another important part in the asphalt protection armory and stop water moving down cracks through the asphalt into the base level, as this is where real damage can be done. Occasionally, urgent repairs are required and sealants deemed necessary after freak storms or particularly brutal weather.


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