Asphalt Repairs and Sealcoating: Why It Makes Sense

Sealcoating Endows Your Asphalt Parking Lot with Added Protection

Asphalt Repair and Sealcoating.  How Often Do You Need to Sealcoat?Sealcoating frequency will depend on your location but a good rule of thumb for Dallas-Fort Worth residents is to have your parking lot sealcoated every couple of years.

Though some people may doubt the need for sealcoating, the reality is that a parking lot with sealcoating will last around twice as long as one that is not.

One of the most important points to understand that though there is a small cost involved in sealcoating, the money that you should save will far outweigh the costs. Not only will you not have to spend as much on maintenance but you will also avoid the cost of repaving your parking lot or driveway for many years more.

Sealcoating from Elite Asphalt makes perfect sense.

Protecting Your Parking Lot

Sealcoating is all about offering your asphalt parking lot extra protection to better withstand the harsh conditions it is functioning under. Because every asphalt or concrete surface is under strain from the weather and footfall or vehicles, giving extra protection is important to do.

One of the most important features of sealcoating is that it protects the asphalt from the sun’s ultra-violet rays. Like human skin, UV has very damaging effects on asphalt. UV can cause warping of the asphalt and also lead to cracking as the asphalt’s strength is depleted and it because rigid and hard, rather than flexible. This is the beginning of serious problems like potholes and wide cracks, which will only worsen as vehicles roll over the top and water seeps into the subbase.

Sealcoating also acts as a barrier against the corrosive chemicals left behind by vehicles that use the space. Oil and gas both cause damage and can weaken the asphalt’s integrity. Without proper protection the car park will first begin to look untidy and old – not a good look for your customers – before requiring further maintenance or repaving work.

To avoid this unnecessary irritation, Elite Asphalt’s renowned sealcoating can help you. If you’re in the DFW Area then simply get in touch!

Sealcoating: Performance

There are a variety of factors that will impact the performance of sealcoating. Here are just a few.

Firstly, the surface of your asphalt parking lot must be prepared. This includes cleaning and removal of any debris including loose asphalt and stones.

Weather conditions will also influence the sealcoating, with the surface air temperature needing to be above 50ºF for best conditions.

Because sealcoating requires a curing period, we will not apply it if rain is expected within a day.

When the sealcoating has been applied cars should not be allowed to drive on it for a minimum of 24 hours. This is the necessary cure time and driving across the lot before this time may result in incorrect function.

Elite Asphalt will always apply sealcoating only once these requirements are met. This is one of the reasons we are the most trusted paving company in the DFW Area.

Elite Asphalt: Sealcoating You Can Trust

As with every aspect of our business, Elite Asphalt carries out our sealcoating service with the utmost commitment to our clients. That’s why we’re considered the best in Dallas-Fort Worth. We used the industry gold-standard sealcoating, GEM Seal. This provides the quality we need to do your job properly.

Elite Asphalt has become known as the most reputable and professional paving company in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area. We are unrivaled in the quality of work we offer, our commitment and workmanship, as well as customer focus.

We offer no-cost consultations to give you a free quote to any job you may have. With over 50 years in the business, we know our craft inside out.

As a fully insured, licensed and bonded company, we are the most reputable and reliable around.

Whether you are a residential homeowner who needs their driveway sealcoated, or a private business owner or commercial constructor who requires a larger job, Elite Asphalt can help you.
With our sealcoating service we will offer your asphalt parking lot or driveway extra protection to withstand external pressures and stand the test of time that little bit better.

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