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Best Paving Contractor. Why Elite Asphalt is the Most Trusted Paving Contractor in DFW Area

Asphalt paving is the type of structural engineering work that requires professional knowledge. The training, expertise and study that are demanded by the job are not the sorts of skills a layman usually have.

This is why paving companies exist. And no two paving companies are unique. While in Dallas, Texas there are ten so paving companies, there are none that can match the expertise, skill and knowledge that Elite Asphalt presents.

It’s for this reason that we’re the most trusted paving company in the DFW Area.

Elite Asphalt: The Dallas-Fort Worth Company that Get the Job Done

Elite Asphalt approaches each of its jobs in a unique and individual way. After all, no two projects are ever the same. It’s this personalized approach that has allowed us to become one of the largest companies in Fort Worth, as well as the most trusted.

Every paving job – whether car park, driveway or road – requires the basic tools for its successful completion. Among these are the “hard” tools – sufficient manpower, the correct equipment and heavy vehicles. On top of that, “soft” knowledge and expertise are also needed. Elite Asphalt has them all.

Our strategic approach to our work makes sure that we go about every project in a logical manner. This way, we cut down the time that we take to work as well as the investment needed for each project. We can therefore pass on these savings to the client: you!

We hit budgets and we hit deadlines. That’s how we’ve made our name.

Materials that Last

All the heavy machinery in the world would not help if the materials we used, like concrete and asphalt, were of poor quality. But Elite Asphalt only works with the best materials. This way we can produce the best results for you.

Our concrete and asphalt mixes are created from best-in-class products that stand the test of time. Once mixed and poured, your surface will be durable, attractive and able to withstand stresses from weather and heavy traffic. This is great for the DFW Texas area, where the sun is strong and vehicles are plentiful.

Though all materials do degrade over time, Elite Asphalt’s high-quality asphalt or concrete surfaces last for longer. Once properly paved, your driveway or parking lot should last for decades.

Value for Money and Affordable Pricing

We strive to maintain our affordable prices so all residential, commercial or industrial clients in the DFW Area can access our services.

In all likelihood there will be several companies bidding on your job and while the proposed quote may not be the deciding factor, it is obviously one of the most important points in making a decision.

At Elite Asphalt, we believe our rates are extremely competitive. We offer a variety of ways to pay and can make certain allowances depending on circumstance.

But it is important to say that if you are looking for quotes, you should never expect to pay a down payment unless the job you need is very large. In fact, if you’re asked to do so then it is best to steer clear of the company. The best and longest-standing companies around Dallas should have established and committed agreements with materials suppliers that allow them to take up jobs without having to put down vast financial sums. They can then pay suppliers when the job is completed.

Unless you need a very large paving project doing, we will never ask for a down payment. That’s why Elite Asphalt is the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s most trusted paving contractor.

Insurance and Protection

Do not deal with a paving contractor that does not have adequate insurance for the job they are taking on. By employing an uninsured company you are leaving yourself open to costs and losses should the job go sour.

As the best paving contractor in Dallas-Fort Worth, Elite Asphalt is fully insured, licensed and bonded. If any accidents happen on your residential, commercial or industrial property while we work then you will not be liable for the costs.

Our insurance coverage is profound and includes general liability insurance as well as workers’ compensation insurance and auto insurance.

To for a paving company in DFW Texas that works by the book and covers both itself and its clients, choose Elite Asphalt.


The Most Trusted Pavement Contractor in Dallas, Fort Worth & North Texas!

Elite Asphalt is formed of a team of pavement experts. With over 30 years’ experience, we have worked on all types of asphalt pavement and concrete projects. With an up-to-date, cutting-edge fleet of equipment, we offer services for all types of paving jobs, from complete installations to ongoing maintenance.

We carry out projects for property managers, developers, contractors and homeowners. We’re available for a number of projects including developing roads for new housing developments, RV parks, subdivisions, and storage centers. If you need an Estimate for your next commercial, industrial or residential project, please call (817) 451-0011 today to speak with one of our trusted advisers.

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