Great Asphalt Paving Facts!

The Amazing World of Asphalt Paving

Asphalt paving is not known for its interesting and fun facts. In fact, asphalt paving is better known for reliability and continuity. While for some people asphalt is just the surface they walk over or park on every day, it is also a diverse and even surprising world.

Here, we’ll take you through some of the most interesting asphalt paving facts that you probably don’t know!

Asphalt Paving is Multi-use

There are few places you won’t find asphalt. Look around you and you’re bound to see the telltale black of a freshly laid asphalt surface. Whether the roads you are driving on, the driveway you are parking on or the school yard your kids are playing on, asphalt is everywhere.

The dependability of asphalt makes it a fantastic material for so many uses; that’s why you’ll find it everywhere you look!

Asphalt Factories are Everywhere

Like any material, asphalt needs to be manufactured. But I bet you don’t know where your nearest asphalt production center is! The answer is that it is probably closer than you think.

With over 3,500 production centers across the U.S., they’re a staple of every state and city. Often found on the outskirts of cities, asphalt production centers offer employment as well as construction materials for local people.

Production sites are vital connections in the veins of the country. Next time you’re on the road, keep an eye out and you may drive right past one!

More than Highways

When most people think about asphalt, they think about highways and freeways. The rollers smoothing the asphalt and the teams working there. But asphalt is so much more.

Nine out of every ten U.S. parking lots are paved with asphalt. The Dallas-Fort Worth area is no different.

In areas close to the coast or those that are liable to flooding, porous asphalt is now becoming popular. This offers the same reliable durability of normal asphalt with the added ability to let water seep away. Pretty clever, huh?

And Yes, Roads too!

Of course, the popularity of asphalt as a material for constructing roads cannot be denied. In fact, asphalt covers almost a million miles of roads in the U.S., compared to just over 150,000 miles covered by concrete. The roads in and out of the DFW area are paved by asphalt. It is an immensely popular road material.

When we look at the benefits of asphalt, it is not hard to see why it is such a popular material. Affordable, durable and easily maintained, asphalt is the ideal material for such an important job.

That’s Right – Asphalt is Affordable

While concrete might leave a hole in your pocket, asphalt is a more affordable product that shouldn’t blow any budget.

But that isn’t the only piece of good news. When being paved, asphalt also cures quickly to minimally disrupt time schedules or business.

It’s Greener than You Think

The asphalt that Elite Asphalt uses around Dallas-Fort Worth is easily recycled. In fact, we offer a recycled asphalt service to save the manufacture of more material.

That’s not all. Over 99 percent of asphalt pavement is reused or recycled across the asphalt industry. It is reused for other projects and rarely wasted.


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