What You Need to Know About Asphalt Maintenance

Asphalt Maintenance Knowledge DFW.  What You Need to Know About Asphalt Maintenance.  The Lowdown on All Things Asphalt Maintenance

Asphalt is tough material that can take a great deal of strain over the years. But eventually even an asphalt parking lot, driveway or road will need maintenance.

Asphalt surfaces cannot stay fresh forever. Degradation is a sign that your asphalt surface needs maintenance. Like anything else, the longer you put off repair work, the worse the situation will become. At some point, you may begin to witness pooling of water, breakage of the surface and a failure in various areas of the parking lot or road.

Elite Asphalt suggests that you maintain your parking lot, driveway or road to avoid these problems. However, here’s a list of the classic signs that your damage to your surface has gone too far and that you need to call the professionals.

Thinning and Wearing Asphalt Overlay

The overlay of an asphalt carpark or road can be compared to the tread of a tire. When the treat is brand new it is jet black, thick and offers great traction. But as time goes by and the wheel is in constant use, it becomes thin through wear. If you never changed your car tire, it would eventually wear right through.

That’s the same for an asphalt overlay. It becomes thin when reaching the end of its life. Potholes will appear and cracking will be obvious. At this point, a new overlay is required.

While a new overlay is not cheap, its benefits are clear. It will give your asphalt surface a completely new lease of life and remove the need for the parking lot, driveway or road to be dug up.

Asphalt Maintenance Knowledge DFW

You can check the health of your overlay by gauging its thickness. A healthy asphalt overlay should be at least an inch thick. Anything less and the chances of the usual signs of damage will become clear. These can include potholes, drainage problems and even sinkholes in some cases.

Elite Asphalt will revise your area and survey the necessary changes to your parking lot or driveway. Features including manhole drains and curbs will have to be raised so that they are level with the new overlay.

In order to combat sloping, asphalt meets doors of buildings or sidewalks may need to be cut back.

Asphalt Maintenance Knowledge DFW

As in all industries, in paving the extent and quality of the planning and preparation has a major impact on the quality of the finished job. Elite Asphalt will survey your project and plan ahead to ensure the very best outcome.

A Bumpy Ride: Potholes

Potholes are the small craters in the surface of your asphalt driveway, carpark or road that allow water to pool and can damage the rims of car wheels.

The existence of potholes is a very clear sign that the asphalt surface is weak and has likely been undermined. When water pools, it is likely being allowed to sink further into the base of the asphalt surface, meaning further damage is being done.

Call Elite Asphalt to get professional help in combating potholes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Cracks, Fissures and Gaps

One of the most common forms of cracking on an asphalt surface is those known as alligator or crocodile cracks. These cracks spread out across the surface and resemble the skin of alligators and crocodiles, hence its name.

There are many reasons for heavy cracking of an asphalt surface, including a poorly laid or unstable base, simple old age or asphalt oxidation. When cracks are wider than half an inch then the asphalt service needs immediate care. The likelihood is that the surface should be entirely repaved.

Problems with the Drains

Rain and moisture on the parking lot or pavement surface is a danger to the integrity of an asphalt surface. And in the DFW area, rain is always a possibility!

When drainage problems arise, there is usually a pooling of water on the surface. Alternatively, water can begin to flow the wrong way. Both situations are a result of a drainage system malfunction.

This excessive water buildup can wreak havoc on the integrity of your parking lot of road, and it is therefore important that keep your drainage system well maintained. However, if the problem has become too great, repairing your drains is the next step.

Elite Asphalt can help. We will remove foreign objects from the pipes and basins of your drainage system to ensure it runs smoothly and excess moisture flows away as is intended. Our maintenance will be a small cost that helps avoid the large costs of total replacement.

And if your current system isn’t up to the job, we can upgrade it so that your asphalt surface is safe.

Missing Protective Pavement Sealer

Untreated asphalt will degrade more quickly than a treated surface. This is a fact.

With a double coating of latex and sand sealants, your parking lot or driveway surface will be able to withstand the impact of weather – including rain and sun – as well as the mechanical fluids and oils that regularly fall from vehicles and quicken asphalt degradation.

Maintaining your asphalt surface through resealing is a fantastic and economical way to extend the life of your asphalt. Elite Asphalt recommends that sealant is applied every few years for the best results.

We will ensure your parking lot lasts the test of time while looking and functioning brilliantly. Call us to find out more.

Damage from Tree and Plant Roots

Any construction can be damaged by the roots of growing plants and trees. The larger the tree, the greater damage its roots can inflict. And root damage is no laughing matter – it really requires the attention of professional paving contractors.

Elite Asphalt can help your parking lot, driveway or road to avoid root damage with our maintenance services. Rather than having roots break up asphalt, we can remove problematic roots without harming the health of the tree or place, and then repave the damaged areas. In certain occasions, we will be forced to employ a lime rock base to your asphalt surface to discourage the growth of roots.


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