Paving for Schools and Colleges

School and College Paving.  Paving for Schools, Colleges, and Educational Facilities in Dallas-Fort Worth

We’ve long known that our environment has an impact on our wellbeing. In American public schools, which have seen little investment in recent years, the dereliction of buildings and grounds can affect the learning and health of students and teachers alike.

Those in the Dallas-Fort Worth area (DFW) are no different in this regard. Slashed budgets for educational facilities have not helped to keep school facilities functioning well. Asphalt surfaces, including school parking lots, are often neglected. Maintenance is not carried out and surfaces begin to suffer, looking tired, breaking up, and even becoming trip hazards.

Elite Asphalt LLC intends to help the educational facilities of DFW, Texas by offering quality asphalt paving services at economical prices. We keep prices down so that your school or college’s parking lot can be regenerated to improve the overall feel of the school grounds.

School and College Paving

We will maintain the paved area and offer repair services, including patchwork, sealcoating, and resurfacing. All of these services come at reasonable prices as a way to help the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Management and Maintenance: Elite Asphalt Keeps your Parking Lot in Check

If your educational facility’s parking lot is looking worse for wear, frequently has water pooling problems, or is pocked with potholes, give Elite Asphalt LLC a call and we will investigate the issue.

We can make a full review to provide an in-depth plan of action that will resolve problem areas in an efficient and professional manner.

We will walk you through the process so that you have a comprehensive understanding of any major faults in your asphalt surface. We will explain how and why we will go about fixing every fault. We’re sure that you’ll be amazed by the work we can do for the prices that we will charge.

Elite Asphalt LLC aims to help educational facilities, including colleges and schools, in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We aim to enhance the learning environment of students, so that our young people, as well as our teachers, have a pleasant place to learn in.

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