Preparation the Priority – How Preparation Guides a Paving Project

Asphalt Paving Project Preparation.  Preparation the Priority – How Preparation Guides a Paving Project.

Without Preparation, You’re Paving Project May Suffer

Why Potholes Spell Problems for Parking Lots

The professional team of paving pros at Elite Asphalt take big care of the small details to ensure that each and every paving project we undertake is successfully executed. We go over the small details and plan thoroughly so that potholes – the nemesis of asphalt pavers everywhere – are not present in your parking lot.

Potholes can be caused by a number of factors, though chief among them are thin layering that makes a surface unable to support the traffic that moves across it, or the low quality of soil that the surface is built on.

But when potholes do unfortunately appear, they owner of the parking lot must act. Firstly, they should call a professional paving company. Elite Asphalt, in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, will box and remove the potholes entirely. We will survey the soil before patching the problem area with a stone binder.

Your surface won’t have the problem again!

When Parking Lot Cracks Spell Disaster

Asphalt cracking is a clear warning sign that not all is well with your asphalt paving. It is a symptom – and sometimes a cause – of a problem, and therefore must not be taken lightly.

Never simply pave over asphalt cracks. This will only cover the problem for a short time: usually less than a few years. But a quality, professional paving job should last longer.

Asphalt Paving Project Preparation

When cracks appear in your DFW area asphalt surface, call Elite Asphalt for professional help. We can survey the subsoil, review drainage and point out the problem so it can be fixed properly, for the long term.

Deal with Drainage Problems

Drainage on an asphalt surface, particularly large areas like commercial parking lots, must be addressed prior to putting the paving down. That is to say, your paving company should make the necessary changes to the area, like levelling, ahead of paving the asphalt surface.

If these preparations are not made then standing water and problems with flooding can become frequent.

Here’s how the experts at Elite Asphalt resolve any drainage issues you could have:

  • Digging and installation of relief and trench drainage
  • Shaping curb (cutting) to direct water flower away from asphalt surfaces and buildings
  • Milling to flatten any high surface areas that could promote standing water
  • Putting in drainage swale

Want more information about parking lot drainage? Read our article that busted a few myths and give the facts on parking lot drainage.

Get in Touch with Elite Asphalt for Professional Paving

If you’re in the DFW area, then Elite Asphalt is the team to talk to! We’ll survey your area and address your needs first, ensuring that professional planning goes into your parking lot, driveway or road.


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