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Tar and Chip Roads DFW.  Country road, take me home, to a place where I belong… And preferably with a clean car at the end of it!

Let’s face it, cities and municipalities can’t keep up with maintenance for every road. And roads on the outskirts of town, out in rural areas, or that only service small communities are much further down the priorities list than major arteries. If the road leading to your community is becoming difficult to navigate, is riddled with potholes and cracks, or is simply a dusty trail, chip seal roadways may be the perfect solution.

Chip seal road costs are generally far less expensive than traditional asphalt paving services, and for roads with relatively low traffic, they’re the perfect alternative.

Here’s what you need to know…

One of the greatest advantages of tar-and-chip roads is the fact that they never require resealing. Asphalt and concrete tend to crack over time and require regular maintenance to maintain its appeal and viability. Chip seal is a one and done process until the next time a new layer is required (approximately 5-7 years later), depending on how it’s used.

The flip side is that tar and chip seal can be more susceptible to damage, especially when there is heavy equipment like snowplows operating on top, so be careful when plowing to avoid causing damage. Many people who decide to use the chip seal feel that the trade-off is worth the cost savings.

Tar and Chip Roads DFW

For the best chip seal company in the Dallas – Fort Worth area, talk to an Elite Asphalt specialist and determine if tar-and-chip seal road paving is best for your needs.

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