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Parking Lot Maintenance in Texas: How to know what to do and when to do it

Texas Parking Lot Maintenance.  When new asphalt is installed and fresh paint applied to your parking lot, you will love the curb appeal that your property gains.

However, over time… weather happens.  Heavy rains and the intense summer sunshine here in North Texas can take its toll on asphalt AND concrete. Weather can have a big affect on the condition of your asphalt. Depending on the age and general condition of your lot, Elite Asphalt will devise a repair plan to address any immediate issues. We’ll then create a go-forward plan – a pavement maintenance plan – that can see into the future and give you milestones for maintaining what you have so that you can stave off a complete re-do for as long as possible.

Need an Estimate?

Texas Parking Lot Maintenance 

ASPHALT can give you about 15-20 years of surface life, minimizing treadmarks and oil leaks, and making stripping and trafiic flow easy. Add a little crack sealing and timely preventative maintenance like sealcoating, and we might be able to add another 10-15 years.

Elite Asphalt offers a comprehensive suite of asphalt repair solutions, including tar and chipseal which can add life to extremely aged asphalt parking lots.

CONCRETE provides about 20-25 years of surface life with minimal maintenance, and improved technologies for overlays can extend the lifespan even longer.

Our experienced estimators and project managers will pre-plan and execute strategies that operate with minimal inconvenience to any business or residents.

We’re always aware that we’re working where your clients and residents are and pride ourselves on never being too big to do small projects and no matter what we preach safety.

So for your parking lot maintenance needs in or around Dallas / Fort Worth contact us today!

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