How Weather Can Affect Asphalt

How Weather Affects Asphalt.

Of all the stresses placed on an asphalt surface, whether that is a driveway, parking lot or road, weather is one of the most damaging.

Unlike traffic which comes and goes, weather is unstoppable. In the winter months, the ice and snow cause asphalt to contract and damages the integrity of the surface. So too can rain, which will cause a multitude of problems for poorly installed asphalt areas. Even the sun’s rays consistently undermine the quality of asphalt.

Indeed asphalt, like any other material, will be worn down over time.

The Effects of Temperature Changes on Asphalt

Temperatures rise and fall throughout the day and night, as well as throughout the seasons. In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the daytime can be very hot while the night times are far cooler. Likewise, summer is hot and bathed in sun, while winters are often freezing.

Changes in temperature force asphalt surface to expand and contract. Extreme changes can cause surprising amounts of damage to driveways, car parks or pavements, including slab curling.

How Weather Affects Asphalt

Of course, contractors like Elite Asphalt LLC are well aware of this. With normal temperature fluctuations, damage is not a problem. However, if the temperature shifts significantly, the undermining of the surface’s integrity can be all but unavoidable. In cases like this, buckling of the surface can occur. Cracks can also begin to be seen. Both of these issues will quicken the decline of the surface’s health, allowing rain into fissures to further damage the asphalt base.

Slab curling is a problem for concrete surfaces and PCC slabs. Due to the hefty weight of each slab, its ability to flex and move with temperature changes is inhibited. With very high temperatures, the upper part of the slab will curb, resulting in buckling and cracking surfaces. This can even happen indoors. Common clues to notice these phenomena are cracks forming near the corners where slabs meet.

Rain and Moisture Problems

Rain and moisture can do serious damage to asphalt surfaces if water is left long enough. Water, with its patient nature, can shape even the toughest rocks and surfaces. Beaches are a testament to this.

Therefore it’s vitally important that asphalt surfaces are sufficiently protected against moisture and rain, including ice, so that their life is extended as long as possible.

Without proper protection, including sealcoating, water can seep into pavements and driveways, undermining an otherwise strong and stable asphalt base. This can result in potholing and grading problems and the eventual breakup of the surface itself. Little by little, moisture can wear away the bonds that keep the surfaces aggregate together.

Drainage systems are an important part of protecting your surface. Quality drainage systems ensure that water has no place to pool on the surface and that excess rain always has a place to drain away.

Elite Asphalt LLC is a professional installer of asphalt drainage systems in the DFW area. We install your system in a timely and efficient manner to offer ultimate protection against the detrimental impact of weather.


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