Full Depth Reclamation: Here’s what you need to know

Full Depth Asphalt Reclamation.  Here’s what you need to know Full Depth Reclamation: What is it?

Although full depth reclamation might sound like some sort of medical procedure, it is actually a low cost and effective way to repair the malfunctioning or badly damaged asphalt bases of roads, roadways and parking lots.

Full depth reclamation is intended to save clients’ money by repairing a base so that a completely new installation is not necessary.

How is Full Depth Reclamation Carried Out?

Full depth reclamation makes use of the current road base and wastes very little material.

A road reclaimer – a heavy-duty vehicle used by paving contractors – rips up the current asphalt base and pulverizes it, leaving ready-to-use aggregate that can be rolled and graded. Grading is a way by which contractors like Elite Asphalt achieve the optimum density in the asphalt base, and is a vital step in constructing brand new, quality asphalt base. The rolling and grading also serve as a way to remove oversized or loose materials that would otherwise damage a base, leaving a smooth, perfectly laid base.

After rolling and grading, the base is paved with asphalt. Once set, your brand new asphalt surface is ready to use!

When is Full Depth Reclamation Necessary?

Full depth reclamation can be necessary in several scenarios.

However, whenever alligator cracking is present (also known as “crocodile cracking” and “alligator cracks”), so-called due to the similarity between the shape of the cracks and the alligator’s skin, then the need for a full depth reclamation is clear.

This is because cracks allow water and moisture to enter the body of the asphalt surface and reach the base, where it destabilizes and wears down the surface’s foundations. Alligator cracks are particularly guilty of this.

When the cracks are severe enough, the base will eventually fail.

Materials Commonly Used in Full Depth Reclamation

Many paving contractors, including those working in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, add Portland Cement a faulty base as an alternative, and sometimes preferable, recourse to base replacement. This route is more suitable when water and moisture frequently accumulate in the ground below the asphalt base.

Portland Cement offers an extra layer of strength and protection against water tables below an asphalt surface and elongates the surface’s life.

Full Depth Reclamation: A cost-effective and more environmentally-friendly solution

One of the many attractive features of full depth reclamation is the fact that it reuses the materials of the damaged asphalt surface to build a brand new one. Rather than throwing away the parking lot or road surface materials, full depth reclamation recycles them.

All that is required to reuse the aggregate material is a stabilizing agent. So instead of having the monetary and environmental cost of new materials, you save in the pocket and the conscience! The benefits of this recycling are also in its speed. Full depth reclamation does not require time spent waiting for new materials; once it is pulverized, the old base can be used again.

This gives your parking lot of road a more stable, undamaged base and ensures that drainage is proper and adequate.

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