The Many Benefits of Full Depth Reclamation

Full Depth Reclamation Benefits.  So what is Full Depth Pavement Reclamation?

Parking lots, pavements and roads are constantly under strain. Each and every day throughout the year – they don’t take any time off!

The weight of vehicles and people stress the asphalt surfaces of these public and private areas constantly. Eventually, they begin to show cracks. This is normal and unavoidable in the long term; like any working surface, parking lots, roadways and roads must eventually be resurfaced as the damage inflicted has been too much for too long.

But you don’t have to put holes in your pockets to get yourself a brand new asphalt surface. Full depth reclamation is an affordable and practical repair service to reconstruct your surface. But what is full depth reclamation?

Full depth reclamation is a repair technique that reuses the old, failing surface of your roadway or parking lot as a new surface. Firstly, contractors will remove the old asphalt layer and pulverize it, before mixing it was a stone and aggregate base. From this, the new layer is born.

Full depth reclamation is suitable for roads and private roadways without gutters or curbs as well as large parking lots.

What are the Advantages of Full Depth Reclamation?

The advantages of full depth reclamation as your chosen repair technique are many and various when using a professional paving contractor like Elite Asphalt.

Among the main benefits of using this method is the affordability. In comparison to repaving an entirely new base, including the man hours involved in that, full depth reclamation offers dramatically reduced costs.

Similarly, full depth reclamation is efficient and does not take long to carry out. This greater speed, as well as the fact that parking lots and roadways do not have to be closed entirely while the job is being undertaken, makes this option ideal for businesses that need to keep operating. That’s why so many commercial and industrial services in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area choose full depth reclamation.

Added to this is the fact that full depth reclamation reduces your footprint by reusing materials. Rather than buying new aggregate and stone, this method makes the most of already purchased materials without any reduction in quality. This saves hundreds of tons of rock!

Nor is the material required to be transported from a sales location to the job site. The labor involved in the moving, as well as the gas, is all saved. In total, it isn’t uncommon to save a massive 50 percent in costs, depending on the condition of the parking lot or road surface!

The full depth reclamation repair service really comes into its own in large jobs, for example in a commercial parking lot.

If a contractor needs a couple of days to remove all of the asphalt, including the base, then a couple of days more to prepare the base before another couple of days to pave the base and layer including shaping, then the parking lot is out of action for a long time. That’s a loss for the business and dropped profit.

In contrast, full depth reclamation takes a couple of days max: the long processes that a brand new parking lot paving can take are removed. Added to this, skilled contractors like Elite Asphalt can work on your parking lot surface without having to shut it. That means your lot never has to close and your business never loses clients.

As already touched on, your business is greener when you choose full depth reclamation. Not only is this beneficial for the reputation of your business but it helps keep the Fort Worth Texas area beautiful!

When is Full Depth Reclamation Not the Best Route?

Though full depth reclamation is a superb option it is not suited to all jobs.

The suitability of your job site may be dependent on the paving features already existing. Full depth reclamation raises the grade of the surface. Therefore, sites where features like curbs, gutters or sidewalks are present may not be best suited.

However, professional advice from Elite Asphalt can give you a definite answer on this. We can help guide you as to your best options and see whether full depth reclamation is for you.

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