4 Reasons to Choose Tar and Chip Seal Paving for Your Driveway

Tar and Chip Seal Driveways.   Are you considering tar and chip seal paving for your driveway?

Perhaps you’re comparing a variety of options at this point in the process. Of course, each type has its own pros and cons, whether it’s asphalt, gravel, or concrete.

The tar-and-chip method offers a handful of benefits with very few drawbacks. Here are four reasons to go with tar and chip seal for your driveway!

1. It may look better

The most common alternative option to a tar and chip seal driveway is a regular asphalt driveway, which comes in one finish — black. For many customers, however, the jet-black look doesn’t quite match the aesthetic of the home.

With a tar and chip seal, you’ll have dozens of color options to choose from, including tan, red, gray, and others. You might even opt to use an assortment of different shades!

You’ll also be able to choose from a handful of stone types, whether it’s a simple and practical stone or a more decorative option.

2. It’s easy on the feet

Particularly if you live in an area where the summers are hot and your driveway gets plenty of exposure to the sun, a blacktop driveway retains heat and can cause your bare feet to even blister.

Of course, gravel is one option that can be even more cost-effective than most; but we all know how difficult it is to embark on a barefoot trek across a gravel-laden driveway without having those little stones carve up the soles of your feet!

Whether you’re taking a quick walk out to the mailbox or performing duties around the front yard, one thing is for certain: a tar and chip seal driveway is much easier on the feet. It doesn’t retain heat in the same way that an asphalt driveway does, and it features far fewer loose stones than a gravel driveway!

3. Tar and Chip Driveways.  It offers excellent traction

Especially if your home’s driveway is on an incline, you know that it can become problematic during colder or wetter seasons.

Although our state of Texas is blessed with sunny, warm weather on most days, certain weather conditions — even if it’s only rain — can be difficult to manage with an asphalt driveway.

Because a tar and chip driveway uses stone chips, it creates a rough surface that offers a little extra traction for vehicles. It even allows you to walk up or down your driveway without a greater risk of slipping on the wrong day.

4. It’s more cost-effective

As the process uses fewer materials overall, it makes sense that a tar and chip driveway tends to be more affordable than a typical asphalt driveway.

How cost-effective is it, exactly? Tar and chip seal driveways are more expensive than gravel driveways; but in comparison to an asphalt driveway, you may save anywhere between 10% and 50% on your tar and chip driveway.

Of course, this will depend on the contractor you end up working with and the types of stones and materials you select. Here’s an article on how to choose the right tar and chip contractor for your project.

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