5 Simple Rules for Choosing the Right Tar and Chip Contractor

Tar and Chip Contractor.  Good work is hard to find, and that applies to all fields of business. Tar and chip installation is no exception.

That said, there are definitely some great tar and chip contractors in Fort Worth — it just takes a bit of work to find the right one.

If you’re looking for the right contractor for the job, you can follow the steps we’ve laid out in this article. Here are five simple rules to help your search along.

Make a List

In order to be properly selective, it’s best to start by making a shortlist of local contractors. Asking homeowner friends for referrals is a good idea, though you’ll likely find most of your candidates online.

If a contractor is worth his or her salt, they’ll make their online business known through a website and social media presence. Choose the best options based on their reviews and portfolio, and ensure that only companies with clear examples of their work make the list.

Be Wary of Rock Bottom Pricing

Everyone loves cutting costs, but it’s important to maintain a standard of quality in doing so. If you choose your tar and chip contractor based on their cheap cost alone, you might be heading into a lackluster renovation.

When contractors price their work at the rock bottom end of the spectrum, their costs are likely a reflection of the poor workmanship they offer. If you’re considering a contractor in this price range, be sure to ask why their estimates are so low, and look into samples of their past work.

Tar and chip installation is a dedicated craft. Proper work in this field requires a solid ethic, natural passion and hands-on experience. While that doesn’t mean you should limit your search to premium pricing, it’s definitely worth keeping in mind.

Verify Their Licensing and Certification

When hiring anyone to renovate your home, it’s important to ensure that they carry the proper licensing and certification. You can contact your local licensing division for specific requirements regarding a tar and chip renovation.

To take this security measure one step further, it’s also a good practice to ensure that the company has liability insurance and that their workers are covered by worker’s compensation.

If any contractors on your list don’t have the proper credentials, or if they’re taking a long time to send you their information, it’s best not to consider them for the job.

Look at Their Past Projects

If a contractor displays their past work beautifully on their website and social media pages, that’s a great sign. On the other hand, if the few images a company displays online are blurry and don’t show the before and after, you can consider that a red flag.

The best Fort Worth tar and chip contractors are proud of showing their good work, so they’ll make it readily available for you to see.

Get Everything in Writing

Once you’ve found the right contractor for the job, it’s important to form a legal agreement surrounding the renovation.

Ensure that your contract with the company covers all important bases such as price and payment schedule, construction schedule, scope of work and dispute resolution clause.

After the technicalities are out of the way, you’re ready to dive into your tar and chip renovation. By working with the right contractor, you’ll be left with the finished product you initially had in mind.

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