When Is It Time to Repave Your Commercial Parking Lot?

Repaving Commercial Parking Lots.  When pulling up to any commercial property with a beautifully paved parking lot, there’s something incredibly appealing about the fresh, smooth black surface and crisp painted lines. Unfortunately, parking lots can’t remain looking brand-new until the end of time. Truth be told, because of the steady wear they are exposed to, a commercial parking lot should be repaved on a regular basis. This will depend on various factors, for example, the day by day traffic and the general nature of the products used.

Repaving Commercial Parking Lots

In any case, fortunately, your parking lot will, for the most part, let you know when it’s the ideal opportunity for repaving. You just need to know the indications that it’s time to repave your commercial parking lot.

Here Are 5 Things to Look for:

1. Noticeable Cracks

First of all, you need to be watchful for visible cracks throughout your parking lot. Cracks will occur with age and exposure to harmful chemicals and other elements.
While they are unattractive, cracks in your pavement can lead to a rough and bumpy surface, adding risk to people who visit your establishment. Where it can create more of an issue is that cracks will in general deepen after some time. In the event that they are left long enough, they can seriously affect the quality and integrity of your parking lot’s structure. Along these lines, it is in your best interest to consult with an asphalt paving company about crack repairs or repaving sections of your parking lot – if not all of it.

2. Damage from the Sun

At the point when a parking lot is newly paved, it will look very crisp, smooth and dark. After some time, you may see that the pavement begins to fade and become much lighter. It might also progress toward becoming discolored in specific areas. This is generally caused by the sun’s harsh UV rays, which may beat down more in certain areas of your parking lot than others. This usually depends on the areas which are more exposed and lack shade from buildings, trees and cars.
Luckily, a basic repaving of your parking lot can restore the color and keep the entire surface looking fresh and new, giving your business much more curb appeal and added value.

3. Dents and Dips

Another thing to watch out for is dents or dips in your parking lot. These can be caused by heavy vehicles such as transport trucks that drive on your asphalt surface — particularly in the event that a heavy vehicle remains parked in the same spot for quite a while.
These kinds of issues can also be caused by dings and hits from trailers and tow trucks, or even low cars that scrape the entrance of your parking lot if it’s sloped. Whatever the reason, they can make for an uneven parking lot and can also cause water to pool in some areas, which can cause significant deterioration due to dampness. In the event that you see these issues, address them immediately with asphalt repair service or completely repaving your parking lot.

4. Potholes and Catch Basins

Regardless of whether a pothole is large or small, the presence of potholes in your parking lot unquestionably implies that you need it repaved. Potholes can easily cause damage to your customers’ vehicles, which could also affect the reputation of your business and cause liability issues later on.
Many times, a catch basin might be sunk in or have deteriorated asphalt around it which can also cause damage and get worse over time if it’s not repaired.
Luckily, repaving is a simple method to fill in and cover potholes with the goal that your parking lot is safe and inviting for your clients and employees.

5. Faded Line Markings

Lastly, if your line markings are fading and hard to see, have your parking lot repaved. This can become very frustrating to visitors and can also cause accidents on your property – which you could be liable for. Aside from repaving your parking lot, a professional paving contractor can make your parking lot look very good with bright, fresh line striping and visible markings throughout.

6. Is It Time to Take Action?

Based on all the above tips, you will clearly see when your parking lot should be repaved. If you’ve seen any of these signs in your own lot, make sure to contact the asphalt paving specialists at Elite Asphalt LLC to find out how to address these issues quickly and effectively. The sooner you take action, the sooner you can convert your parking lot into a nice smooth and pleasant place to drive and park on again.

Repaving Commercial Parking Lots


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