Tar and Chip Seal Paving: Good Option for Your Parking Lot?

Tar and Chip Paving.  When it comes time to pave your new parking lot, asphalt isn’t your only option.

You’ve likely seen tar and chip seal in a couple of different applications — namely, ranch driveways and maybe even certain roadways. But is tar and chip seal paving a viable option for your commercial parking lot?

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that it is not only viable, but it could even be advantageous for your business. Let’s look at a few different reasons why the tar and chip seal method is one to strongly consider for your lot.

1. It’s affordable

If you own a startup or small business, you’re likely more than familiar with tight budgets and cost-effective solutions. Well, your parking lot is another area where you can save money — all without compromising on providing your customers and employees with a high-quality surface to drive and walk across.

Tar and chip seal is quickly becoming a popular alternative to asphalt paving, largely because it delivers a similar result at a fraction of the price. Asphalt paving may cost $4 – $6 per square foot, whereas tar and chip seal paving typically cost just $2 – $5 per square foot.

Whether you’re looking to build a brand new lot or a much-needed addition, tar and chip seal is a highly affordable method worth considering. While you can do it yourself, you’ll find the time and money you save hiring a professional is well worth it.

2. It’s colorful and textured

We’re all familiar with the traditional blacktop look. While it looks clean and professional, it doesn’t add much character or uniqueness that would cause you to stand out among your competitors and other businesses nearby.

With a tar and chip seal parking lot, however, you can give your parking lot more of a textured look by choosing a preferred “chip” size. What’s more, you can choose a color or assortment of colors that you feel best reflects your business, works well against the color of your building or helps you stand out to customers!

3. It offers more traction

Although our great state of Texas is blessed with warmer weather than many of our northern friends, there are times when wet weather and icy conditions can become problematic.

It’s not unusual for cars to slip and slide across an asphalt surface when conditions are less than ideal. The stones in your tar and chip parking lot, on the other hand, will give your customers and employees a little extra traction — both when they drive through your lot and also walk to and from their cars.

4. It’s easy to maintain

Compared to asphalt, which is not only subject to cracks and potholes but also subject to greater damage over time, tar and chip seal parking lots also happen to be incredibly easy to maintain. Cracks are largely self-healing — with enough time and warm weather, they may actually begin to seal.

While their overall lifespan may not be able to compete with a well-maintained asphalt surface, you’ll likely spend less time and money in an effort to maintain your tar and chip seal parking lot.

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