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Curb Installation DFW.  Supreme Installation of Curbs throughout the DFW Area.

When most homeowners in Dallas-Fort Worth think about paving, curbs are an often overlooked part of the process. Yet while its easy-to-miss simplicity makes a curb look like a paving afterthought, curbs are in fact vital to the health of your asphalt driveway, roadway or parking lot.

That’s why Elite Asphalt installs curbs like no other company. Our paving technicians pay careful attention when laying curbs to ensure supreme functionality. If your curbs are past their best, bust or broken, Elite Asphalt can fix them right up!

The Need for Curbs

The curb can be considered the backbone of a paving job, delivering functionality of beautifying the area around your Dallas, Texas property. Among the many jobs that curbs carry out is directing storm water and excess runoff away from your asphalt surface or building, and instead to green areas like the grass and trees that are able to take water in. This helps reduce the change of floods and guarantee that standing water does is not a problem for your driveway or parking lot. This saves bother, and ultimately extends the lifetime of your paved surface. This is the reason that so many homeowners and business owners decide to invest in extra curbs, further protecting their property for the long run.

Varieties of Curb Installation

Elite Asphalt loves to give our customers the best options to choose from. That’s why we have such a variety of curbs to choose from. These include, but of course are not limited to, granite curbs, concrete bituminous curbs or even large, 18 inch concrete vertical burns. As we said, there are many to choose from!

Added to this is the finish and grade of the curb, including the quality of the material that we used. Each aspect has its role to play.

Curb Installation DFW

When we install our curbs we do so with the utmost care and consideration for both the functional and aesthetic quality. We want our curbs to be soft on the eye and add character to your surroundings. We will make sure that the curbs on your DFW area property are durable, solid and will last the test of time. Have no worry!

Fully Flexible Bituminous Concrete

While there are many concrete compounds, bituminous concrete is chosen for curb installation in Dallas-Fort Worth because of the properties that make it ideal for curb installation.

The easily molded and highly-pliant nature of bituminous concrete is superb for the construction of curbs. The bled of cement and aggregate offers just the right balance between solid practicality and flexibility. Due to this flexibility, this concrete type can also be installed by hand for small or patching jobs.

Tougher Stuff: Concrete

When flexibility isn’t a concern at your DFW paving site, concrete provides the muscle for ongoing deployment.

When we install concrete curbs, we bring the material directly to your site via our fleet of mix trucks. Our teams then work professionally to build the curbs as you require, producing curbs that keep on going. With curbs from Elite Asphalt, your Dallas-Fort Worth building will keep being protected from floods and your asphalt surface will avoid unnecessary damage. Not to mention that our products are incredible affordable!

For high quality curbs that last a lifetime, call Elite Asphalt today!


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