Beginners Guide to the Catch Basin

Catch Basin Beginners Guide.  Getting to Know the Catch Basin – An Unknown Hero on Your Property.

The catch basin is an integral part of your property’s drainage system; without it, flooding and damage would be frequent. Yet the catch basin is mysterious for many people. Here, Elite Asphalt will explain what the catch basin is and how it produces efficient water drainage so that your property is not damaged.

How is a Catch Basin Designed?

The part of the catch basin that most people in the Dallas-Fort Worth area will be familiar with is the above-ground half portion. The obvious feature of the catch basin is the grate which allows excess water to pass through it. When enough water has collected it moves to the outlet trap which is connected to the sewer system, allowing it to flow to the local sewage plant. Meanwhile, the catch basin has collected and kept solid particles including bits of soil, rock or any other form of debris like trash so that sewage pipes are not blocked and trash does not flow into unwanted areas.
When this debris has accumulated, the catch basin must be cleaned. This is usually when the debris has occupied around one-third of the basin’s size. Debris can be cleaned away by removing the top grate. If the catch basin is not cleaned out when necessary, flooding problems could occur.

The Importance of the Catch Basin for Inhabitants of DFW, Texas

The catch basin is important to everyone in Dallas-Fort Worth because it protects properties from damages that can be caused by flooding when rain occurs. Added to this is the catch basin’s ability to fight standing water so that asphalt is not damaged and all asphalt surfaces look clean and tidy. Standing water, also known as pooling, is a prime location for the build-up of bacteria and attracts unwanted insects. For residents wanting to protect their family and business owners wanted to ensure their business looks its best.

Why Moving Water Matters

It is important to move standing and pooling water away from your asphalt driveway or parking lot and property because of the damage that water can cause. Despite water looking harmless, excessive pooled water loosens the integrity of asphalt and can eventually enter the base. This is often the beginning of a process that leads to repair work. Similarly, if left long enough, pooled water can begin to move into the foundations of your property causing mold and flooding in basements. It can also cause problems with plants and grassed areas.
Pooled water occurs when asphalt is uneven or, commonly, when a property’s catch basin is in some way compromised. This is usually due to excess accumulation of solid debris that must be cleared in order to work, or a catch basin that is in some way damaged.

Catch Basin Beginners Guide

If you find yourself unable to fix your catch basin problem then call in the experts. Elite Asphalt is always willing to work with you at your DFW, Texas property.

What is the Magic Number for Catch Basins?

The number of catch basins a property requires relies on a few features of your property. One of these is the slope of your property as this changes the speed at which storm water will flow. Similarly, the size of the asphalt surface makes a big difference, as does whether you have many green areas around the property.

This means that there is no magic number or silver bullet for knowing how many catch basins your property needs. The best way to find out is to contact the professionals, like us. Elite Asphalt will visit your property and survey the area to give you the best decision for your unique case.


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