Asphalt Sealer: The 101

Asphalt Sealer for Asphalt Surfaces.  What it does, how it is used and how it can help you.

Most homeowners and business owners in Dallas-Fort Worth have heard of asphalt sealer. But not everyone knows what it does. Asphalt sealer is important to understand because, if you’re a homeowner or business owner with an asphalt surface like a parking lot or driveway, it could be of great help. So, here’s a simple explanation of how an asphalt sealer can help you!

Asphalt Sealer: What does it actually do?

The simple answer to the question of what asphalt sealer does is that it helps protect your asphalt surface, be that a driveway, parking lot, or road, from the damage that weather elements can inflict upon it. Because asphalt is laid outdoors, it is under constant strain from rain, wind, and snow, as well as the usual weight of cars and pedestrians. In the DFW area, sun – and more specifically its UV rays – pose a particular problem.

Asphalt sealer therefore offers a first line of defense against these elements. If left untreated and unmaintained, your asphalt surface will naturally deteriorate. The asphalt sealer extends the expect lifetime of a surface and helps keep maintenance costs lower.

Asphalt Sealer: How frequently should it be used?

Like most protective tools, asphalt sealer works best when it is applied as frequently as possible. But the reality is that applying sealer once every three years will help your Dallas-Fort Worth asphalt surface and ensure it continues to be well protected. Not only does asphalt sealer help protect, but it also helps improve its appearance. Not bad!

Why Professional Application is Best

Asphalt sealer in the DFW area is best applied by a professional paving company. This is because asphalt sealers available to the public tend to be of lower quality and are difficult to apply without the correct tools. A professional paving company like Elite Asphalt has access to the highest-grade asphalt sealer, as well as the vehicles and tools to apply it.

Another point to note is that different asphalt sealers are applied in different ways. Some require thinning or curing of the liquid base before application. All of this is known by a professional firm, but is unlikely to be understood by the general Dallas public.

Reduce the likelihood of an error with professional asphalt sealing application from a company like Elite Asphalt!

The Benefits of Asphalt Emulsion Sealer

One great option for a greener, more environmentally-sensitive sealer to guard your Fort Worth asphalt surface is an asphalt emulsion sealer. This is a sealer that delivers a higher quality seal to improve protection against outside elements, including rain and UV rays. On top of this, it is a lesser irritant than most other asphalt sealers and will smell better than alternatives.

The Benefits of Coal Tar Sealer

Coal tar is among the most widely used asphalt sealers in the DFW due to its particularly strong resistance to weather. Offering a sparkling finish for a residential driveway or commercial parking lot, the coal tar sealer is water-based and is produced from mixing coal tar with polymers and additives.

The Benefits of Fast Dry Sealer

The name speaks for itself with this one. Fast dry sealer is a great option for Dallas-Fort Worth business owners who have busy parking lots. Because the fast dry sealer makes use of geo-textile fibers, it can be applied and cured in less than 60 minutes. This offers a fantastic way to protect your parking lot and have it up and running the same day!

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