Tar and Chip Seal Parking Lots

Tar and Chip Parking Lots Saginaw.  Get your business to stand out with a beautiful tar and chip seal parking lot in Saginaw, Texas.

If you’re looking to have a brand new parking lot installed for your business in Saginaw, Texas, you might assume that blacktop is blacktop—that what you see one business using is likely what you’re going to end up with as well.

But this isn’t necessarily the case. While asphalt has long been and still remains a very popular paving method, there are alternatives that can often be even more advantageous for small or local businesses.

Maybe you’re a startup or small business with limited funds. Perhaps you’re looking to make your business pop with a color other than jet black. It may even be that you’ve heard horror stories about the amount of maintenance and repairs that asphalt typically requires.

If so, you might consider tar and chip seal paving for your new parking lot.

And with over 30 years experience with tar and ship seal parking lots in Saginaw, Texas, Elite Asphalt is the contractor you want to call.

Not only is tar and chip seal more affordable than asphalt paving (often costing just 40% – 60% the price of asphalt), but it even allows you to customize your parking lot’s look.

Prefer a neutral tone that will match the color of your building? Want a color that will really pop and draw the eyes of passerby’s? With tar and chip seal paving, this becomes possible.

Not to mention, tar and chip seal offers more traction than traditional asphalt. If you fear people slipping or cars losing control during wet seasons, a tar and chip seal parking lot may be the right path forward.

The team at Elite Asphalt is ready to equip your business with a gorgeous new tar and chip seal parking lot in Saginaw, Texas. Contact us today!

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