Why Elite Asphalt is the Top Sealcoating Choice in the DFW Area

Top Choice Sealcoating Company.  Improved Lifespan, Appearance, and Function with Superb Sealcoating in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area.

With the parking lot being the first place your customers see when arriving to the door of your business, keeping it in tiptop condition – both visually and functionally – should be high on your agenda.

Elite Asphalt’s sealcoating service guarantees longevity in service and improved appearance for your asphalt parking lot with an affordable, professional sealcoating service right here in the DFW area.

Dallas-Fort Worth Sealcoating: What’s the Fuss?

Like most other paving contractors, Elite Asphalt speaks frequently about the sealcoating service. But what’s the fuss? Well, when keeping your asphalt parking lot in the best condition by providing the best protection from the elements – including the sun, the rain and snow – there really is no other alternative. And we’ve got the qualified team to help!

Keeping Your Parking Lot in Prime Condition

Sealcoating is an essential way to protect the investment you have made into your parking lot. This means sealcoating on a regular basis, or around once every 2 or 3 years. By recoating regularly, you keep the aesthetic appearance and functionality of your parking lot at its highest, and help protect against threats of all types. Indeed, studies show that regularly sealcoating your parking lot can double its lifespan!

Top Choice Sealcoating Company

What are the main threats to the integrity of your parking lot? Well, damage is caused by a number of outside elements. These include spilled gas that comes from any of the vehicles using your lot, as well as the weather. While the heavy rain that can strike in the DFW area can penetrate your parking lot and caused problems, the sun can do damage too. With the unseen UV rays of the sun causing raveling and cracking, it is no wonder sealcoating is required.

For any business owner looking for a superb return on investment and a way to keep maintenance costs down, sealcoating is the clear way forward. Delivering strength and protection year on year, sealcoating is the top choice for asphalt armor!

Sealcoating Across the DFW Area

Elite Asphalt provides sealcoating anywhere throughout Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. Regardless of the size, age or type of parking lot you need sealcoated, our team of trained sealcoating technicians will tackle the job. Whether your parking lot is used for residential tenants, long-stay visitors, employees or shoppers, we can make it happen.

Free Consultation, Today!

Elite Asphalt is a customer-focused business and we understand that our clients may want to find out more information before going ahead. We are proud to offer a free consultation service that can be accessed by calling any of our contact numbers. We’re waiting to hear from you!


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