What is Asphalt Patching?

Asphalt Patching DFW.  Asphalt paving cannot last forever, not even the paving provided by Elite Asphalt! While you may see a decade service from your DFW Texas driveway or parking lot, you will eventually need maintenance to keep the surface functioning to its best.

Asphalt patching is a major maintenance tool contractors like ourselves use to repair potholes found in asphalt surfaces. Pot holes are usually a result of heavy vehicles using a weakened surface again and again. The weight causes cracks which turn into potholes. Potholes are dangerous to the health of your asphalt surface so must be repaired as soon as possible. And that’s what asphalt patching does.

Why the Rush? Reasons to Repair Pot Holes and Damaged Asphalt ASAP

The appearance of potholes in your asphalt should sound alarm bells. Put simply, the quicker you get the damage resolved the better your chances will be of saving your Dallas-Fort Worth driveway or parking lot, as well as your money.

Not only does acting quickly on pot holes save money, it also makes the surface safe for use. Pot holes are tripping hazards for users of the surface. A trip on a business parking lot, for example, can prove costly to the owner. Similarly, chips and dents to vehicles can be caused when pot holes are present.

Added to the benefits of asphalt patching is the fact that we can repair the appearance of your DFW asphalt surface. We will seamlessly stitch the repairs over your current asphalt surface so that your parking lot, driveway or road – whatever you are patching – keeps its smooth aesthetic appearance.

Asphalt Patching: The Efficient and Cost-Effective Solution for Asphalt Reliability

Asphalt patching is so popular in and around Dallas and Fort Worth because it is saves money for our clients and allows Elite Asphalt to repair pot hole damage in a quick, efficient manner.

If you allow your asphalt surface to continue to decay, you will eventually be forced to repave the entire surface. This is far, far more costly than the expense of hiring a contractor to patch the pot holes. It is also much more time consuming.

The sensible option is to patch your pot holes as soon as you see them. This is particularly true if you are a business owner; commercial parking lots in the DFW Metro area can be very large. The expense of repaving extensive areas and the cost to your business will be substantial. With our pot hole patching service, parking lots can continue to be used freely.

The Best Asphalt Patching Methods

The best asphalt patching method is really dependent on the situation of your asphalt.

Generally speaking, the repair and patching of potholes requires a contracting team to pave a new asphalt mix over a localized area. Techniques including compaction are then required to give the new mix the structure required for work and to get rid of the defects that were present beforehand. With this process, the potential of further pot holing will be removed for several years. This will also help with the aesthetic difference.

Another method for that is often employed for patching is called full-depth patching. This is slightly different to localized patching and necessitates the contracting team to remove the asphalt right to the base before installing a fresh area of asphalt. The full-depth patching process takes longer and is often used on more advanced pot holes.


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