Upgrading Your Dallas-Fort Worth Property with Pavement Sealer

Pavement Sealer DFW.  Improve protection and appearance with pavement sealer in Dallas-Fort Worth

A lot of money goes into a person’s parking lot and pavement. It is an investment that requires protection. If you care for your parking lot in the best way, you can deliver a longer, sturdier and more attractive parking lot to customers or users. But unfortunately, so many people miss out on the affordable benefits pavement sealer provides.

Protect Your Investment with Pavement Sealer

Though asphalt parking lots look tough, the harmful UV rays that the sun emits, the corrosive oils and chemicals that leak from cars and even the rain can be a source of harm to a parking lot. When these elements inflict damage on your DFW area parking lot day after day, like any material, the asphalt will fail. And should this happen, you will be left with a large cost.

But there’s an easy way to avoid this. Regular sealcoating with pavement sealer will strengthen the integrity of your asphalt surface and keep it going for longer.

How does Sealcoating Work?

Like all the best inventions, sealcoating is at heart a simple matter. However, it requires professional care to properly apply. Sealcoating works but provided a paved surface with a thin layer of protection from outside elements. The aforementioned UV rays, rain and water, and corrosive chemicals all play a part in damaging your surface. With this thin but tough layer of protection, your Dallas-Fort Worth parking lot will be given the armor it needs to defend itself.

With pavement sealcoating services from Elite Asphalt, you can add years to the life of your parking lot while reducing maintenance costs.

Sealcoating Helps You Save

The small cost of the Elite Asphalt’s affordable sealcoating services pales in comparison to the money you save if your parking lot requires repaving or repair works. Rather than pay the price of costly repairs, sealcoating is a minimal cost that avoids the need completely. The cost of repaving, on the other, can be substantial.

Make Sure Your Parking Lot Looks its Best

After years of use your Dallas-Fort Worth parking lot will obviously fade in appearance. The use of its surface, including constant stress of cars, pedestrians, rain and sunshine, will naturally impact how it looks.

Pavement Sealer DFW

But there is a way to minimize this fall in grace. When you sealcoat your parking lot, it will appear as good as new. The slick black coating that you enjoyed the first time your parking lot was paved will be there again. Customers will be impressed and appreciate the time and investment you put into your property. Remember: first appearances go a long way.

Reduce Oxidation

Though this comes as a surprise to some, the sun’s UV rays are one of the major contributors to the degradation in both integrity and appearance of your DFW area parking lot.

Without sealcoating, your asphalt parking lot has no way to shield itself from the powerful rays. Much like human skin, the sun has an effect on the surface of asphalt. This can best be seen by warping of the asphalt as its integrity is broken, or the appearance of potholes following prolonged periods of sunshine, like in the summer.

This is a process known as oxidation. Oxidation lowers your asphalt surface’s ability to counter those forces pressing upon it and can lead to quickened breakage, cracking and warping. If left untreated, this undermines the entire parking lot.

Sealcoating is the best method to protect against oxidation. The thin film applied massively slows the penetrative forces of UV and adds years to the life of your parking lot.

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