Tried and Tested: Maintenance for Parking Lots

Asphalt Maintenance DFW.  Tried and Tested: Maintenance for Parking Lots

Helpful Parking Lot Maintenance Hints from Elite Asphalt

If you can protect a parking lot from the very beginning then your investment will last a lot longer. In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, sun and rain can beat an asphalt parking lot year round, so it’s important to make a habit of your parking lot maintenance.

Oils and chemicals, sun oxidation, weather of all kinds and vehicular traffic are just some of the forces that you will be fighting against with these helpful maintenance hints and tips.

So how best to combat deter damage to your DFW parking lot? Simply follow these guidelines!

Asphalt Maintenance DFW

  • When your parking lot is sealed, make sure that you leave a full day – or more if possible – for the sealant to cure completely.
  • And the same goes for concrete. A new concrete parking lot will last for much longer and be far harder-wearing when it is given the right amount of time to cure, settle and set.
  • The usual time for concrete setting is half a week, or four days if possible. This will ensure that the concrete is cured and set completely.
  • Ensure that any problems already affecting your parking lot are remedied before you’re the new one is set. Pot holes, cracks or blocked drains should all be reviewed.
  • It’s important that your parking lot is compliant with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) guidelines on the parking stalls available in your parking lot. They may vary on state. A local contractor, like Elite Asphalt, will know the regulation for the Fort Worth, Texas area.
  • Regularly survey your parking lot surface for potential signs of deterioration. Obvious clues are cracks and fissures. Contact Elite Asphalt should you find these classic problem signs.
  • The average asphalt parking lot should be sealed every 24 – 36 months. That’s the sweet spot. Elite Asphalt is here to help you seal your investment.
  • Do not carry out sealcoating at the extreme ends of the year. Winter, when the temperatures drop or summer, when they’re very high, are not god times for sealcoating. 50 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature for sealcoating. Read more about why sealcoating is needed in the DFW Texas area.
  • If cracks in your parking lot very quickly expand then you may have an underlying problem. Get it fixed ASAP with Elite Asphalt. If any cracks are wider than half a thumb width, they need to be addressed urgently.
  • Routing can be performed in areas used by heavy vehicles only if the area hasn’t already been sealed.
  • Standing water suggests there’s a problem with your parking lot’s drainage system. Bring the professionals in early otherwise this can lead to potholes.

Stick to these tips and suggestions when maintaining and changing your parking lot and it will serve you for years to come!


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