Transforming Roads: Asphalt Repair Fort Worth TX

Elite Asphalt completed the noteable project, “Transforming Roads: Asphalt Repair Fort Worth TX.”  With the company’s expertise in asphalt installations, the Elite Asphalt turned worn-down roads into smooth avenues for a local distilling company.

Fort Worth Asphalt Project - Asphalt InstallationThe issue at hand was dire – years of wear and tear had left the roads leading to the distillery in disarray, rendering them unlevel and uncomfortable to navigate. Elite Asphalt’s solution was comprehensive and effective. They employed a meticulous process that involved scarifying the sub-grade and applying lime to stabilize the ground. This combination was mixed and compacted to a depth of 8 inches, laying a strong foundation.

Covering an area of around 17,260 square feet, Elite Asphalt’s team paved the way for improvement. They meticulously prepared the sub-base with a steel drum vibratory roller before proceeding to the asphalt base. The installation involved laying 3 inches of Type B Hot Mix Asphalt, compacted to perfection.

For the final surface, Elite Asphalt applied prime/tack oil adhesive before laying 2 inches of Type D Hot Mix Asphalt. This layer was compacted using a vibratory steel drum roller, ensuring a seamless and smooth finish.

The results spoke for themselves. The client expressed sheer satisfaction with the outcome. The roads were not only restored but transformed into comfortable and functional pathways, a testament to Elite Asphalt’s commitment to quality workmanship.

In a city where smooth roads are essential, Elite Asphalt LLC proved their craftsmanship and expertise in asphalt resurfacing, turning a challenge into a success story that Fort Worth, TX won’t soon forget.

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