The Top 3 Reasons To Upgrade Your Parking Lot Drainage

Reasons to Upgrade Drainage.  The Top 3 Reasons To Upgrade Your Parking Lot Drainage

Enhance and Improve Commercial Parking Lot Drainage

Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas weather can be intense. When it rains in DFW, it really rains. And heavy rainfall can mean drainage problems for commercial parking lots that don’t have quality, functioning drainage systems.

If you’re seeing pooled water, flash flooding or damage to your parking lot after storms, then you probably have a parking lot drainage issue that must be resolved.

Professional paving contractors like Elite Asphalt can improve parking lot drainage so that your surface keeps going for longer. Paving contractors can redesign your drainage system so that excess water drains properly from your lot regardless of how heavy it may fall.

Reasons to Upgrade Drainage

But what are the common reasons that business owners need to improve their parking lot drainage? We’re going to look at that now, before discussing the drainage solutions we offer to you!

1. Your parking lot can’t be used fully by customers or employees because water forms in the same place every rainy season

Do you see water pooling in the same places on your parking lot every time it rains? Does this pooling restrict the use of the parking lot, making large areas of it inaccessible because of the lakes formed across the surface?

Then you’ll need to consider improving your drainage.

As rain continues to fall, pooled areas naturally continue to grow. This causes a lack of parking spaces and can even begin to cost your business as potential customers go elsewhere to avoid the flood.

Not only does stagnant water reduce the parking spaces but it can also contain unhealthy contaminants picked up by storm runoff. This can create bad odors and put off even more customers.

But why does the pooling occur and why is it always in the same place?

  • Pavement contractors given the job of paving your parking lot didn’t properly excavate the subsoil underground your lot before installation.
  • Heavy rain caused the pavement to erode and created depressions or hollows in your parking lot
  • Previous repair work has disrupted the drainage system design of your parking lot, creating problem areas that continue to worsen.

When standing water continues to pool in the same place each year, the best solution is to slope your parking lot. The sloped redesign ensures that water drains off in the same direction, leaving your parking lot clear of water.

This can be a large-scale job, including an investigation stage, excavation of the area and the resurfacing of a new pavement. But if the problem is not too severe, depressed areas of the paved surface can be made even with asphalt repairs, enhancing the drain-off.

2. Rainwater doesn’t flow away from your commercial property or flows down the middle of the parking lot

When there is a lack of drains, inlets or your parking lot’s curbing is incorrectly installed, there will likely be flooding problems. Sufficient drainage points are absolutely necessary.

If water is flowing or pooling down the middle of the parking lot or in a direction it shouldn’t be, this is probably because the original contractor didn’t install drains properly.

To overcome this problem, Elite Asphalt can survey your lot and design a unique, fully-customized drainage system that includes inlet sand asphalt curbs. This will result in a redirected water flow to move water away from your commercial building and keep the parking lot dry.

3. Your parking lot is eroded or failing due to years of poor drainage

Like any surface that is under the stress of constant footfall and vehicular traffic, parking lots will need to be maintained and repaired. Wear and tear is a part of life. Eventually, the surface will need to be resurfaced, but only after years of good service. If your lot has poor drainage then the rains of Fort Worth Texas will speed its demise.

The best way to avoid regular repaving is with maintenance. And the best maintenance is provided by trusted paving contractors like us. Elite Asphalt can resolve damage before it becomes extensive. However, if the damage is too severe then full-depth reclamation may be required.

Full-depth reclamation offers a value-for-money solution to tear up the existing defective asphalt surface and resurface the parking lot.

Elite Asphalt offers its customers safety from pooling caused by malfunctioning parking lot drainage with maintenance and repair services. We can design and install a new drainage system so that your parking lot functions continuously.

Get in touch today and we’ll walk you through your options. We can set a date for an inspection of your lot and give you an on-site quote for a future without drainage problems!


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