The Key for DFW Parking Lot Maintenance: Sealcoating

DFW Parking Lot Maintenance Sealcoating extends the life of your Dallas Fort-Worth parking lot.

The parking lot is often the last remembered aspect of a business. It is common for business owners to focus on other things because the asphalt of a parking lot can sometimes appear to be unchanging. But this is not the case. When business owners forgo the maintenance of their parking lot, they can wind up with expensive trouble. Whether a business owner is aware, the parking lot is undergoing constant change, and it is also one of the first ways that customers judge the quality of a business.

DFW Asphalt Parking Lots are Under Constant Strain

Heavy loads will always put strain on any asphalt service. But it isn’t only commercial trucks that pummel your parking lot. As well as the cars and the corrosive chemicals that they leave behind, the constant footfall of customers can take its toll on the parking lot if it isn’t maintained well. But more than anything, it is the power of Mother Nature herself that deteriorates the quality and jeopardizes the integrity of your DFW asphalt parking lot.
While rain, and the sitting water it generates when falling on uneven parking lots, will in time trickle through cracks and make their way to the parking lot’s subsurface, the sun’s powerful UV rays are constantly attacking your lot’s asphalt. In Dallas-Fort Worth, we get a lot of sun, and if your lot isn’t maintained, problems will arise.

DFW Parking Lot Maintenance.  Sealcoating is The Comprehensive Way to Protect Your Dallas-Fort Worth Parking Lot

Considering the problems we have just mentioned, the need for maintenance and protection of your parking lot, which was likely a significant investment, is a priority. The most direct way to do this is through sealcoating. A professionally applied sealcoating treatment protects against UV rays and water, as well as corrosive chemicals. An affordable and quick treatment, sealcoating can extend the lifetime of your parking lot by a number of years.

Protection Against Water and Rain

The need to protect against moisture, in the form of rainwater or run-off, is one of the most pressing issues for a parking lot owner. When moisture finds its way through small cracks into the subsurface of your parking lot, the parking lot’s foundation becomes jeopardized. Without a strong foundation, pot holes and major cracks begin to form. If left without maintenance or repair, moisture can cause the degradation of your lot to the point by which it requires a complete repaving.
With sealcoating, the ability of moisture to access the under surface of an asphalt parking lot is curtailed. This helps reduce the likelihood of potholes and cracks which are a common sight in many Dallas-Fort Worth parking lots.

Say Goodbye to Oxidation

Oxidation is the process of the sun’s rays penetrating the asphalt parking lot to cause the parking lot to become brittle and inflexible, eventually leading to cracking and raveling. If not attended to, the deterioration of your parking lot will cause dangerous potholes, large cracks, and push it towards the point of failure. While oxidation is an issue that begins as soon as the asphalt is laid, it can be dramatically slowed and restricted by the very affordable application of sealcoating. By regularly sealcoating your asphalt parking lot – every two to three years is the usual suggestion – you can extend the lifetime of your parking lot beyond what is usual and avoid the costliness of major maintenance works at a later day.

Long-term Saving with Sealcoating

Clearly, spending a small amount every few years to maintain your parking lot is prefer to spending a large lump sum for its repair or repaving. Simply put, maintenance saves money. Because asphalt is a petroleum product, it has become more expensive in recent years and is likely to continue doing so. Therefore, protecting your investment with sealcoating is the best way to save money.
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