The Big Indicators that Your Parking Lot or Pavement Needs Asphalt Repairs

Parking Lot Asphalt Repairs.  The Big Indicators that Your Parking Lot or Pavement Needs Asphalt Repairs. When you need asphalt repairs, just call Elite Asphalt LLC!

Every working asphalt surface will need repairs and maintenance once in a while. Parking lots, pavements, and any other asphalt-paved take the continuous strain from heavy rains, freezing snow, vehicular traffic, and pedestrians. To continue working safely and look their best, they must be given repairs when required.

But not all problems require the same asphalt repair solutions. Some are less severe than others and need different treatments. Here, we look at the indicators that tell you a surface needs repairing and the best repair service to have.

Heavy cracking, including alligator cracks (also known as crocodile cracks)

Alligator cracks look, as you might imagine, like the skin of an alligator. These are cracks that usually cover large areas of pavement and cause serious damage by way of water seeping through cracks into the asphalt base.

A cost-effective full depth reclamation of the area is often the best solution to this problem.
Elite Asphalt offers professional full depth reclamation throughout the Dallas Fort-Worth area.

A distorted to buckled surface

Parking lots and pavement should have smooth, even, and level surfaces. However, these surfaces can become warped and distorted. This is usually due to a damaged foundation or the effect of very heavy vehicles being regularly used across the surface.

The common route for addressing this problem is using asphalt to even-out the surface. If this can be done, this is the preferred and cheaper option. But sometimes the damage is too severe and both the asphalt and base require replacing.

Problems with water drainage

Water pooling and insufficient drainage are extremely serious problems for any paved area. This is because the constant moisture affects the integrity of the asphalt body worsening an already damaged surface.

One way to resolve this issue if through the leveling of the surface. This asphalt repair method is the route to take to protect your surface from potholes, breakage, and cracks.

Dimmed Appearance

Freshly laid asphalt should be a striking black color. However, a number of factors – including weather and traffic – will eventually cause that color to dim.

As asphalt pavements and parking lots fade, they become more fragile as their flexibility and vitality fade. In turn, this leads to a greater risk of damage through cracks.

Maintenance and repairs can help slow this process. But sealcoating is likely the tool that contractors will use to renew the appearance and vitality of your pavement.

For professional sealcoating in Dallas, Texas give Elite Asphalt a call.

Widening breakages or cracks

If you notice cracks in the asphalt surface of your parking lot widening then it’s time to bring in help.

Widening cracks are evidence that damage is being done to your surface in front of your eyes.

Act quickly to protect your paving surface and help save yourself money in the long-term.

Dipping or sinking surface

Moisture from the rain and heavy vehicles are the primary causes of dipping or sinking surfaces. An asphalt surface sinks when the base that it sits on is eroded.

This will frequently be seen close to buildings’ drainpipes, where water run-off flies out of the gutter directly into the pavement surface.

Leveling of the asphalt surface will help to remedy this problem, though maintenance and repair of your gutter system may also be necessary.

Spotting from oil and mechanical fluids

Parking lots are particularly susceptible to the detrimental effects of mechanical fluids and oil due to the vast number of cars that use them.

These fluids contain strong chemicals that erode asphalt surfaces by destroying the adhesive quality of the asphalt.

Speak to Elite Asphalt to find out simple and economical ways to resolve this situation.

Undermined Surface

Unfortunately, undermining may not be obvious when it first happens.

Undermining takes place when an underground pipe, usually liked to drainage or water systems, springs a leak.

The pipe can release water or simply allow the aggregate and soil above it to fall into the pipe itself. This undermines the surface above the pipe which then becomes unstable.

If the problem is not severe then paving contractors can repair it easily enough. Major jobs can be more complicated, however.

Disintegrating surface fringes

The edges of any asphalt surface tend to be the weakest. If they are not adequately protected, the fringes can begin to crack and crumble, leaving bit of loose aggregate that in turn worsen the situation.

Loose edges can lead to vehicle damage and other undesirable consequences.

Parking Lot Asphalt Repairs

The best way to protect your car park or road from disintegrating surfaces edges is by acting quickly when you first see the problem. With fast action, professional pavers like Elite Asphalt can lessen the likelihood of serious damage and avoid the need for asphalt replacement.


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