The Best Way to Hire DFW Asphalt Paving Contractor

How to Find the Best Contractor in DFW: A Guide

Asphalt Paving Contractor DFW  Dallas-Fort Worth is blessed with many high quality paving contractors, including the best – Elite Asphalt! But how do you know how to find and hire the very best asphalt paving contractor in the DFW area? Here we will tell you what to look out for when hiring a contractor so you know who to trust.

Get it in Black and White

When hiring a paving contractor in the DFW area, it is imperative that you get your agreement written in a contract. This should include an estimate as well as the agreed date of work. Details like damages, run-over costs and anything else you are concerned about should be covered.

This should be a legally-binding contract and both you and the contractor should receive a copy.

Make sure you get a contract before work begins. If the contractor you’re considering hiring refuses to write a contract then rule them out.

Is the Price Right?

While price is important, it should not be the factor that makes or break a deal.

The best way to decide on what you are willing to and are expected to pay is through gathering a selection of quotes. Any prices that are extremely low or extremely high should be disregarded; there is probably a reason for these outliers.

From the rest you can decide what seems reasonable. If in doubt, ask the contractor to justify their costs. Elite Asphalt is always happy to talk through any quotes we offer.

Do Your Homework

In the internet age there are few obstacles to finding lots of information about companies you are considering hiring.

Beware any companies with very few reviews or empty websites – unfortunately there are some fraudsters out there.

Pay attention to Google Reviews and reviews on a company’s own website. These can often prove worthwhile to listen to and will give you an idea of what to expect.

If in doubt, check the Better Business Bureau. Legitimate companies from the DFW area will be found there easily enough – Elite Asphalt certainly are!

Often, word-of-mouth is still the most reliable and trustworthy source of information. Asphalt contractors recommended by family, friends or acquaintances should be considered.

The Real Deal?

As we have just mentioned, there are some unscrupulous companies out there. It is important that you are aware of this when hiring a paving contractor.

Check information against the BBB. Have there been recent changes to the name of the company? Are the phone numbers listed still in service?

Check, check and check again. Make sure you verify the legitimacy of a company before you make any payments.

Payment Options

No registered and legitimate Dallas-Fort Worth contracting company only accepts payment in cash. When this is the cash, questions should be raised. If a company is insisting you pay them with cash then you should move on. Payment via credit card, and sometimes checks, should be standard.

Asphalt paving companies have different rules regarding deposits, but the general rule is that unless the job is large and will have an eventual cost of more than a few thousand dollars.
Any paving contractors that demand a large deposit or payment before the job is started should be considered suspicious.

At Elite Asphalt, we always accept credit card payments. If you want the best in the DFW area then get in touch!


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