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Roadway Paving and Asphalt Overlay in Cresson, Texas

At Elite Asphalt, we prioritize providing top-tier street roadway repair and paving services to municipalities like Cresson, Texas. The Cresson Chamber of Commerce recently sought assistance for a broken and worn city street through our professional network. They needed repairs on damaged sections and a quality blacktop installed to expand the roadway.

Our roadway paving experts quickly got to work at the site, assessing the pavement condition. Collaborating with the city’s representative, we proposed a practical, cost-effective solution: an asphalt overlay to repair broken paved areas and new paving to expand the road. Our extensive experience in such services ensured a swift public street restoration without disrupting access to local businesses or residences.

The project involved overlay repairs and new paving installation, which had to stand up to repeated vehicle use. Beginning with necessary repairs, we executed a seamless overlay to repair cracks and stabilize the roadway. This solution repaired the broken pavement and contributed to its enhanced durability and longevity. We expanded the road by installing a stable gravel base, strong hot-mix asphalt, and a finely milled surface layer. Finally, we compacted the entire roadway to ensure the new pavement was smooth and even. The Cresson Chamber of Commerce loved their new road, and they’ll be contacting us again for more road repairs.

For Safe Local Streets, Call Elite Asphalt for Roadway Paving and Repairs!

Elite Asphalt, with a substantial history in the industry, remains committed to serving Texas communities, excelling in overlays, new paving, and roadway repairs. If your local road is starting to break down, call Elite Asphalt for reliable and top-notch solutions.

Ready for a smoother ride on your local streets? Contact us today for professional roadway paving services!

Asphalt Overlay Road Repairs for Cresson, TX Residents

In the heart of Cresson, Texas, a significant asphalt overlay project recently took place, demonstrating the commitment of Elite Asphalt LLC to the local communities it serves. This paving project involved the transformation of a city road that had seen better days using advanced milling and overlay equipment.

This asphalt road faced substantial challenges; it was uneven, damaged, and unstable in various sections. A conventional overlay wouldn’t have sufficed. Elite Asphalt’s approach was meticulous and effective, involving both pavement base stabilization and overlay. They initiated the project by pulverizing and leveling the problematic areas, which consisted of removing the existing pavement surface and base material to a depth of six inches. The pulverized material recovered from the road was then expertly mixed with Portland Cement at a precise rate of 3% to create a new base layer. This new base was moisture-conditioned, finish-graded, and roller-compacted to perfection, creating a solid foundation that ensured the road’s stability and durability for years. Approximately 19,574 square feet of the area were targeted for this construction stabilization process. In addition to the stabilization, this paving project included installing a new surface to address low and depressed areas, creating a smooth surface, and significantly reducing standing water issues. This meticulous approach to asphalt overlay covered an area of approximately 95,040 square feet and ensured the road would be level and smooth.

The end results were met with widespread satisfaction. The City of Cresson and its residents were delighted with the road’s transformation. Elite Asphalt’s dedication to detail, decades of experience, trained contractors, and exceptional customer service were evident in this asphalt overlay project, showcasing why they are the trusted choice for paving services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Elite Asphalt LLC, a third-generation asphalt company in the DFW area, continues to lead the way in providing top-quality paving, commercial paving, road paving, and residential asphalt services. Their overlay work in Cresson serves as a testament to their commitment to excellence and their enduring partnership with the communities they serve. Contact us today to find out what we can do for your Texas property!

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