Sealcoat Your Restaurant Parking Lot: The How and Why

Sealcoating Parking Lots.  Sealcoat Your Restaurant Parking Lot: The How and Why

Restaurant owners understand the need for a parking lot that functions without issues. Not only does it provide a place for your customers to park easily and close-by, thereby offering them direct access to your business. But a restaurant parking lot is often the first impression that those customers will receive of your business.

It is therefore vitally important that your parking lot is attractive and does not put a barrier between potential customers and your business.

Sealcoating helps to ensure that a paved surface works like a charm. A sealcoat will give your parking lot an attractive, slick black appearance and reflect well on the business that you own.

Sealcoating a Parking Lot for Extra-long Life

The major reason to sealcoat your Dallas-Fort Worth restaurant parking lot is to extend its life. In this sense, by sealcoating you are simply protecting the investment your business has already made.

Sealcoating Parking Lots

We say this because sealcoating helps protect against early deterioration of the asphalt surface. The weather, customer traffic and chemicals that cars leave behind all have a detrimental impact upon asphalt, loosening its bindings and allowing asphalt to break and come up. Sealcoating puts a layer between these outside factors and the asphalt surface itself, protecting from cracks, potholes or other problem issues that plague parking lots across the DFW area.

Sealcoating goes a long way to remedy underlying structural problems to ensure that your business’ car park need not close for regular repaving. It will function better for longer so that your restaurant keeps attracting custom.

Adding Extra Curb Appeal

The notion of “curb appeal” is most often associated with real estate but can just as easily be used for restaurants. Like homes, the appearance of a restaurant has a direct impact on its success.

This is why beautifying your parking lot matters so much.

With sealcoating from Elite Asphalt, your restaurant’s curb appeal will rise dramatically. A fresh sealcoating will make your lot look brand new and show customers that you invest in your business.

They say that restaurant goers eat with their eyes first, so make sure your restaurant is an attractive choice with sealcoating from Elite Asphalt!

Limit Sun Exposure

Unfortunately, the sun can do a great deal of damage to the surface of your restaurant parking lot. The process of sun damage is usually referred to as oxidation, which occurs as the sun’s ultraviolet rays hit your asphalt surface. This has the effect of lowering the “plasticity” of the asphalt surface and making it more brittle and open to damage from other sources.

A classic sign of oxidation is surface raveling, which is similar to cracking but takes on a different appearance. This is the end result of an almost total loss of plasticity, where your surface is unable to hold itself together and begins to crack.

Sealcoating can help avoid problems associated with oxidation. A sealcoating layer from Elite Asphalt protects the surface from ultraviolet rays for longer, allowing your restaurant to function unimpeded by a poor quality parking lot. We add years to your lot’s life so that you don’t have to worry.

Sealcoating Parking Lots.  Armor to Combat Chemicals

Where many cars go, many chemicals will be left behind. That’s a simple fact. Though not always noticeable, vehicles constantly drop fluids and chemicals onto the surface below them. In the case of asphalt, these chemicals can eat away at the structural soundness of a parking lot base with very negative consequences.

Elite Asphalt’s sealcoating helps put a layer of armor between the asphalt surface and chemicals so that consequences are managed. There’s no way to get rid of car chemicals or fluids, but we can help reduce their affects.

Keep Water Away

Water and moisture issues play havoc with a parking lot. When cracks appear and moisture makes its way down to the base of your asphalt parking lot, the issue is serious.
But sealcoating provides protection from water and moisture on a parking lot. Uneven areas and potential places for water to seep are removed.

We protect your investment.

Beautify Your Parking Lot

A parking lot that is degraded does not make for an attractive, eye-catching first impression for restaurant customers. Elite Asphalt will entirely replace your ill-functioning and ugly old parking lot to offer a brighter, fresher and more modern version of your business. Your parking lot will function as is expected an offer curb appeal that customers won’t be able to ignore!

Impressions count, so make sure they’re at their best with restaurant parking lot paving from Elite Asphalt, your friendly and reliable Dallas-Fort Worth area paver!

Elite Asphalt: Leading Experts

When you choose Elite Asphalt you choose the leading paving company in the DFW area. With us, you can be assured of a fine quality restaurant parking lot that looks great and works fantastically. Say goodbye to parking lot problems, work with Elite Asphalt instead!


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