Roadway Paving and Asphalt Overlay in Cresson, Texas

At Elite Asphalt, we prioritize providing top-tier street roadway repair and paving services to municipalities like Cresson, Texas. The Cresson Chamber of Commerce recently sought assistance for a broken and worn city street through our professional network. They needed repairs on damaged sections and a quality blacktop installed to expand the roadway.

Our roadway paving experts quickly got to work at the site, assessing the pavement condition. Collaborating with the city’s representative, we proposed a practical, cost-effective solution: an asphalt overlay to repair broken paved areas and new paving to expand the road. Our extensive experience in such services ensured a swift public street restoration without disrupting access to local businesses or residences.

The project involved overlay repairs and new paving installation, which had to stand up to repeated vehicle use. Beginning with necessary repairs, we executed a seamless overlay to repair cracks and stabilize the roadway. This solution repaired the broken pavement and contributed to its enhanced durability and longevity. We expanded the road by installing a stable gravel base, strong hot-mix asphalt, and a finely milled surface layer. Finally, we compacted the entire roadway to ensure the new pavement was smooth and even. The Cresson Chamber of Commerce loved their new road, and they’ll be contacting us again for more road repairs.

For Safe Local Streets, Call Elite Asphalt for Roadway Paving and Repairs!

Elite Asphalt, with a substantial history in the industry, remains committed to serving Texas communities, excelling in overlays, new paving, and roadway repairs. If your local road is starting to break down, call Elite Asphalt for reliable and top-notch solutions.

Ready for a smoother ride on your local streets? Contact us today for professional roadway paving services!

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