Tar and Chip Parking Lots

Tar and Chip Parking Lots.  Is your parking lot starting to look like an off-roading trail?

Are your once large ruts and major cracks now turning into bona fide potholes? Is your parking lot becoming suitable only for Jeep 4×4’s with suspension lifts?

What about safety?

Do you run a successful business while concurrently running the risk of your patrons becoming injured on your property? No good — time to make sure your parking lot surface is clean, safe, smooth and easy to navigate.

If you’re looking to fix these issues without breaking the bank, consider a chip seal parking lot. Otherwise known as tar and chip seal, it is created by pouring a thin asphalt tar foundation and then compacting crushed stone over it. This creates a smooth surface with a textured look that is visually appealing, keeps dust and dirt down, and keeps your patrons safe.

As compared to asphalt paving services, chip seal parking lots are a great alternative when it comes to cost. They may not last as long as traditional asphalt, but they have a reasonable lifespan of 5-7 years before they require another layer. And at a fraction of the cost, for many businesses, it’s a no brainer.

Tar and Chip Parking Lots

Many contractors say that they’re capable of offering tar-and-chip solutions, but not all have the requisite expertise and special equipment to do the job properly. We’ve perfected a technique over the course of decades that will ensure our chip seal parking lots last longer and require less maintenance.

Talk to a representative at Elite Asphalt today about your specific needs. There’s no job too small (or too big), so don’t hesitate to call us and get the conversation started.

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