Give your Dallas-Fort Worth Business a Boost with Parking Lot Services

Parking Lot Services.  Give your Dallas-Fort Worth Business a Boost with Parking Lot Services.

Whichever business you’re in, your DFW area parking lot will benefit!

Owning a business or commercial property of any type in the Dallas-Fort Worth area can be a fight to differentiate your business from your competitors. The best way to make sure the quality you offer stands out is by giving your customers quality at every step of the business. This starts with your parking lot. A smooth surface, clearly indicated parking spaces and signaling, and the effort of maintenance throughout is a clear indicator that your business only provides the best.

With Elite Asphalt parking lot services, your parking lot looks and functions brilliantly all year round.

Maintenance Saves Money While Maintaining Top Condition

Asphalt, cement, chip and seal. These are all parking lot materials that provide ongoing sturdiness and function. But of course, like any other material, they need maintenance form time to time. Your Dallas-Fort Worth business parking lot is no different.
The reality is that when you spend a small amount on regular, quality maintenance services, the cost of upkeep is spread and you actually save money. With the weather we receive in the DFW area – from the hot and unforgiving sunshine to the heavy rains – maintenance will save you spending on major repairs or repaving.

Parking Lot Services

An example of this is the classic pothole. When a pothole first appears, there is time to repair it before the real damage sets in. But if the pothole is left, water will penetrate the sub-base of your parking lot surface and damage your asphalt in a catastrophic way. This can lead to heavy patch repair works or even resurfacing the parking lot completely. However, this can be avoided By resealing your parking lot regularly, you can protect the asphalt from rain, corrosive pollutants and chemicals dropped by cars, and the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays. Though sealcoating is the best method for this, even simple parking lot sweeping and cleaning can be effective in reducing damage. And of course, repairs like crack filling must always be carried out by professionals like us to provide the best damage control.

The Many Benefits of Improved Asphalt Drainage

During certain times of the year, Dallas-Fort Worth can receive substantial amounts of rain. Though this might come as a surprise, rain can be very damaging to your business parking lot if it is not dealt with properly.

Appropriate and well-functioning drainage is a must for a healthy parking lot. Without it, parking lots can suffer from standing water which will degrade its surface and cause potholes to form, or water can even begin to undermine nearby buildings’ foundations if not cleared. All of this can lead to costly repairs.

Elite Asphalt: Dallas-Fort Worth’s Best Parking Lot Maintenance Service

All of these costs from poor maintenance and inadequate drainage can be easily avoided! When you employ Elite Asphalt for your DFW area parking lot maintenance services, you receive the very best professional care around. For an easily-affordable price, we can provide excellent parking lot maintenance services to keep your business’s parking lot in superb condition. We will sealcoating, clean and repair if necessary any cracks, potholes or problem areas. Our expert team will ensure that your parking lot has the perfect slope for draining – at least a ¼-inch crown – for a subtle but extremely effectively draining method. And for any other drainage problems, we can deliver a well-designed drainage system to move water away from problem areas.

All of this to save money and impress upon your customers the quality of care you offer.

Why Porous Asphalt Pavement Brings Benefits in Dallas-Fort Worth

We believe that porous asphalt pavement should be a considered option for every DFW area parking lot owner. The benefits are clear. Rather than being impermeable so that water runs on top of it, the porous asphalt allows water to move through it. This clever design means that water can more easily and safely access the soil beneath the asphalt to provide engineered drainage at an affordable price.

Porous asphalt can save money because with it, fewer drainage structures must be present in your parking lot to meet storm water regulations. Not only this, but porous asphalt is also environmentally-friendly and those who decide to choose it will be offered tax credits! This green solution is a superb choice for those looking to expand or repave their parking lot.

Want to find out more? Simply call Elite Asphalt today and we will tell you all about the benefits that working with Dallas-Fort Worth’s premier paving team brings!

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