Dumpster Pads: The 101

Concrete Dumpster Pads.  Many people are unsure of what a dumpster pad is. Unless you’re a business owner or truck driver, you may have no clue what a dumpster pad is or does. But for those within the industry, dumpster pads are an essential component of the waste disposal process.

Here we offer a brief guide to dumpster pads and explain why concrete is the ideal paving material for them.

What are Dumpster Pads?

In Dallas-Fort Worth, as everywhere else in the United States, dumpster pads are required for maintaining a clean and accessible space around dumpsters. The dumpster pad is the place where heavy waste dumpsters sit, and where trucks will come to remove waste from them.

The usual process is that a dumpster truck or waste removal truck arrives, lifts the dumpster, empties into the back of the truck, and puts it back onto the ground. However, dumpster trucks are rarely delicate when handling dumpsters. They tend to slam the dumpster back onto the ground with a great amount of force. These dumpsters are heavy metal structures and when slammed into the ground can cause considerable damage. Without a dumpster pad, these damages can lead to eye-watering repair costs.

The addition of an affordable concrete dumpster pad can avoid these damage costs as well as delivering a level of organization to the waste area. Usually, dumpster pads will be a minimum of the 10-feet outside of the waste dumpster to allow for a large area in which the dumpster can be placed. This helps avoid sitting on the public pavement and causing damage.

The dumpster pad is constructed of concrete with a rebar frame to reinforce the structure and guard against major force. The use of concrete over asphalt for the dumpster pad is due to the weight-supporting properties of concrete. These are superior to asphalt and the material is better able to spread weight. Additionally, concrete is not as susceptible to corrosive chemicals and fluids that can be left in dumpsters and that can leak from dumpster trucks themselves.

With an extraordinarily robust 8 inches of compacted crushed stone as a foundation, concrete of some 6 inches in thickness is applied on top. This formidable combination means that your Dallas-Fort Worth dumpster pad will be able to withstand even the most powerful forces put upon it.

What is dumpster pad cleaning? Dumpster pad cleaning is the process of cleaning the “pad” foundation that dumpsters sit on. Over time the area around dumpsters typically become filthy and require cleaning. These areas also can attract pests and bugs that can bring in bacteria that you do not want sitting around. Occasionally cleaning the dumpster pad is not only good for hygienic reasons, but also will increase the longevity of the dumpster pad.

How long do dumpster pads last? A well made dumpster pad area can last 20 years with maintenance. Concrete dumpster pad maintenance is important to increasing its longevity, and ensuring that it lasts for many years. The good news is that Elite Asphalt can help with maintenance. Ask about our dumpster pad maintenance capabilities.

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