Choosing The Right Commercial Paving Company

Choosing Commercial Paving Company.  Choosing The Right Commercial Paving Company.

Managing a large commercial paving project entails a lot of responsibilities, for this reason, you need to hire the paving company best suited for the job. Choosing the right commercial paving company will save you time, money, and it will remove problems, delays, and unnecessary frustrations that may be encountered in the future.
It is up to you to do some research, and, more importantly, to ask the right questions from the very beginning.
Below are the questions we feel are best suited to qualify any paving company. Based on their responses, you will be able to assess if they are the right fit for your commercial project.

Choosing Commercial Paving Company.  Are they specialized in commercial projects?

Some paving companies mostly do small residential projects, and taking on a big commercial project might be too much for them. They would probably welcome the opportunity to get their first big commercial project, but most likely will prove overwhelmed; the problems will start piling up and your frustration will skyrocket. They will need to have the right equipment for the job, enough staff to finish on time, etc.
The quoted price might be more attractive as they will have a tendency to underestimate the true cost of a big commercial paving project. You should resist the urge to jump on the cheapest quote: it can cost you much more in the long run.

Can you see their latest paving projects?

You can get a sense of a company’s activity by looking at their recent and ongoing projects. Are they involved in any commercial projects at the moment? Did they document pictures or videos of their work?
Being able to look at the recent projects not only reassures you that this company knows what they are doing but also that they are proud of their work as they include it in their portfolio. In a world more and more based on customer reviews and reference checks, you want to work with a company that will do their absolute best to get a positive review from you.

Can they provide references?

This has been a common practice in the HR industry for a long time. Why can’t it be applied in the same way to any business-to-business relationship?
By asking for references from former clients, you can gain valuable information such as:

  • Were the timelines respected?
  • How were the problems handled, if any?
  • Did any issues arise months/years later?
  • Do they provide a warranty and are they insured?

Choosing Commercial Paving Company

Many paving contractors choose the minimum insurance required by state law. If / when an accident happens on your property, you want to be protected as much as possible.
You will want to make sure that the company has general and auto liability, a worker’s compensation and an Umbrella policy.
In addition, the paving contractor should have a minimum coverage of $500,000 per policy, even though it should be much higher for bigger projects.

If any warranty is provided with the work performed, you will want to ask for more details.

  • Do their offer repair services?
  • What are the damages that they will be prepared to cover?
  • How long does the warranty last?

You want to be covered if any issue arises in the future, and you are entitled to ask those questions before hiring any paving contractor.

Just like many things, choosing the right commercial paving company is not only a matter of price. You should talk to different contractors, get the project estimated and ask questions. Before making your final decision, you will need to make sure to weigh in all the aspects of the job to end up with the company that best understands your needs and delivers reliable service with excellent results. Hiring a paving professional will save you money in the long run, but do your research in picking the right one for your project.

And remember, you can always contact us: we will be happy to answer all your questions and quote on your next commercial paving project. Simply give us a call at 817-587-8158.

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