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Transforming Dallas TX Roads: Elite Asphalt Roadway Paving Excellence

Elite Asphalt, Dallas, Texas’ go-to expert for asphalt roadway paving, is trusted by property owners all over the DFW area to improve their commercial properties. Check out this road improvement project and discover what we could do for your Texas business.

Precision in Action: Our Asphalt Roadway Paving Process

In a recent project just outside Dallas, a commercial property owner faced a common challenge: a gravel roadway that was causing extra wear and tear on company vehicles. Elite Asphalt’s solution involved transforming this rocky base into a smooth, durable surface through careful leveling, grading, and installing asphalt over the existing gravel base.

asphalt roadway paving Dallas before


Covering an expansive 8,100 square feet, the paving process ensured a stable, well-draining foundation for the road surface. Our experienced team applied a precise 2.5-inch layer of asphalt, expertly compacted. creating a seamless, high-quality roadway that addressed the client’s initial challenges and improved their property substantially. The commercial property owner was thrilled with their new roads and our customer service. They will call our team for pavement maintenance or repair if anything happens.

What sets Elite Asphalt apart from our competitors is our individualized and custom installations and repair work.  Each project begins with a detailed assessment of the property, accompanied by discussions about the client’s specific needs and goals. Elite Asphalt prioritizes to deliver tailored services to each customer.

Whether it’s asphalt roadway paving, blacktop maintenance, chip seal driveway installation, or parking lot striping, Elite Asphalt takes a careful and personalized approach. This commitment ensures that clients receive precisely what they need for their unique requirements. The focus is on quality, durability, and client satisfaction. By choosing us, you’re investing in top-notch services, prioritizing your property’s unique requirements.

Trust the Elite Asphalt team for your next commercial paving project!

If you’re looking to transform rocky roads into smooth, durable surfaces, Elite Asphalt is the answer. Our expertise, personalized approach, and commitment makes us the trusted choice for commercial asphalt needs.

Roadway Paving and Asphalt Overlay in Cresson, Texas

At Elite Asphalt, we prioritize providing top-tier street roadway repair and paving services to municipalities like Cresson, Texas. The Cresson Chamber of Commerce recently sought assistance for a broken and worn city street through our professional network. They needed repairs on damaged sections and a quality blacktop installed to expand the roadway.

Our roadway paving experts quickly got to work at the site, assessing the pavement condition. Collaborating with the city’s representative, we proposed a practical, cost-effective solution: an asphalt overlay to repair broken paved areas and new paving to expand the road. Our extensive experience in such services ensured a swift public street restoration without disrupting access to local businesses or residences.

The project involved overlay repairs and new paving installation, which had to stand up to repeated vehicle use. Beginning with necessary repairs, we executed a seamless overlay to repair cracks and stabilize the roadway. This solution repaired the broken pavement and contributed to its enhanced durability and longevity. We expanded the road by installing a stable gravel base, strong hot-mix asphalt, and a finely milled surface layer. Finally, we compacted the entire roadway to ensure the new pavement was smooth and even. The Cresson Chamber of Commerce loved their new road, and they’ll be contacting us again for more road repairs.

For Safe Local Streets, Call Elite Asphalt for Roadway Paving and Repairs!

Elite Asphalt, with a substantial history in the industry, remains committed to serving Texas communities, excelling in overlays, new paving, and roadway repairs. If your local road is starting to break down, call Elite Asphalt for reliable and top-notch solutions.

Ready for a smoother ride on your local streets? Contact us today for professional roadway paving services!

Asphalt Overlay Road Repairs for Cresson, TX Residents

In the heart of Cresson, Texas, a significant asphalt overlay project recently took place, demonstrating the commitment of Elite Asphalt LLC to the local communities it serves. This paving project involved the transformation of a city road that had seen better days using advanced milling and overlay equipment.

This asphalt road faced substantial challenges; it was uneven, damaged, and unstable in various sections. A conventional overlay wouldn’t have sufficed. Elite Asphalt’s approach was meticulous and effective, involving both pavement base stabilization and overlay. They initiated the project by pulverizing and leveling the problematic areas, which consisted of removing the existing pavement surface and base material to a depth of six inches. The pulverized material recovered from the road was then expertly mixed with Portland Cement at a precise rate of 3% to create a new base layer. This new base was moisture-conditioned, finish-graded, and roller-compacted to perfection, creating a solid foundation that ensured the road’s stability and durability for years. Approximately 19,574 square feet of the area were targeted for this construction stabilization process. In addition to the stabilization, this paving project included installing a new surface to address low and depressed areas, creating a smooth surface, and significantly reducing standing water issues. This meticulous approach to asphalt overlay covered an area of approximately 95,040 square feet and ensured the road would be level and smooth.

The end results were met with widespread satisfaction. The City of Cresson and its residents were delighted with the road’s transformation. Elite Asphalt’s dedication to detail, decades of experience, trained contractors, and exceptional customer service were evident in this asphalt overlay project, showcasing why they are the trusted choice for paving services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Elite Asphalt LLC, a third-generation asphalt company in the DFW area, continues to lead the way in providing top-quality paving, commercial paving, road paving, and residential asphalt services. Their overlay work in Cresson serves as a testament to their commitment to excellence and their enduring partnership with the communities they serve. Contact us today to find out what we can do for your Texas property!

Cresson TX asphalt road overlay


Reviving a Granbury, Texas HOA: Asphalt Sealcoating Project

In Granbury, TX, Elite Asphalt tackled a comprehensive sealcoating and crack-filling project for a local homeowners association, showcasing our expertise in preserving and beautifying paved surfaces. The HOA, which had heard about our quality work through word of mouth, sought to refresh their worn asphalt roadway and parking area, not just for aesthetics but also to prevent further damage by sealing cracks and adding a protective coating.

Sealcoating and crack sealing offer numerous benefits for paved areas in HOA communities. Beyond the obvious curb appeal, these paving services are vital for preventive maintenance. Sealcoating creates a protective barrier that shields the asphalt from the elements, extending its lifespan. Crack sealing, on the other hand, prevents moisture from infiltrating and causing further deterioration. The combined effect is a paved area that not only looks better but also lasts longer, reducing the need for costly repairs.

The HOA faced common pavement challenges, including wear and tear, and they recognized the importance of preventive maintenance. Elite Asphalt’s solution was not only practical but also enhanced the aesthetics of the community. The seal coat project was executed precisely, ensuring the roadway was well-protected and visually appealing. The HOA was thrilled with the outcome. Their parking area received a well-deserved makeover, and the protective measures put in place would save them from potential future expenses.

Elite Asphalt LLC, known for its meticulous attention to detail and commitment to providing the right solutions for each client, has again demonstrated its dedication to enhancing DFW communities. Whether it’s sealcoating maintenance, chip seal driveway installation, or parking lot striping, Elite Asphalt takes the time to assess your needs and work carefully to implement the services precisely. This approach ensures your satisfaction with the result, just like this Granbury TX HOA.

Ready to enhance your asphalt driveway, roadway, or parking area? Contact us right away!

Roadway Asphalt Repair Near Fort Worth TX

When property owners inneed of Asphalt Repair in DFW need their pavement repaired, Elite Asphalt is the paving company they trust. Recently, a multi-family residential property owner near Fort Worth TX needed some help. Their apartment complex’s roadway and parking area had severe cracking, potholes, standing water, and general pavement failure. They needed major asphalt repairs to protect their tenants from vehicle collisions and pedestrian accidents.

After a consultation with the property owner, the Elite Asphalt representative recommended a major repair project that included milling, pulverizing, grading, and repaving failed paved areas. Milling and repaving services are necessary when the existing surface has significant damage, such as potholes. Milling removes the damaged layer and prepares the surface for repaving. Repaving involves adding a new layer of asphalt to the surface, providing a smooth and durable finish. These processes are essential for maintaining safe and functional roads, parking lots, and other paved surfaces.

We knew that on our Fort Worth pavement repair project, we had to be careful not to interrupt the tenants’ lives, so we mobilized quickly to complete the restoration of their road and parking lot. First, the Elite crew treated the aggregate base layer and repaired over 18,000 square feet of failing pavement. Additionally, Elite Asphalt performed milling over an area of approximately 122,560 square feet. Our experienced paving contractors milled the pavement to a depth of 1.5 inches, saw-cut edges to establish a clean joint, removed millings and debris, and installed surface asphalt with a compacted thickness of 1.5 inches. Finally, they restriped the parking area per the existing layout. The project was completed with attention to detail and quality, ensuring the roadway was restored to optimal condition.

Our experienced professionals are dedicated to providing top-quality service and using only the best materials to ensure Texas roadways, driveways, and parking lots are safe and functional. Whether you need potholes repaired or completely new pavement installed, we have the expertise to do the job right.

Don’t let damaged pavement cause harm to your vehicles or jeopardize the safety of your community! Contact Elite Asphalt today to schedule your consultation and get started on your roadway repair and paving project.

Chip Seal Pavement Project in Fort Worth TX

When it comes to Chip sealing in Fort Worth Texas, we are your solution!  Chip Sealing is a pavement surface treatment method where a layer of hot liquid asphalt is applied to a road surface, followed by a layer of aggregate chips. The chips are then rolled into the asphalt to create a textured and durable surface. This process provides an inexpensive way to extend the life of a roadway by sealing and protecting the surface from water, sunlight, and traffic wear. A community in the Fort Worth area soon found out how much chip-sealing can improve roads.

Recently, Elite Asphalt LLC completed a chip seal pavement project for a new subdivision in Fort Worth, TX. The customer was referred to Elite Asphalt by another construction contractor who’d worked on the homes. Chip sealing is commonly used on low-traffic roads, parking lots, and residential streets. It is a cost-effective alternative to traditional asphalt paving and is known for its durability and skid resistance. Therefore, it was a great solution for this paving project.

Chip sealing is a cost-effective, durable, and safe pavement surface treatment method that provides excellent skid resistance and can withstand heavy traffic and extreme weather conditions. It requires less material and labor, making it an affordable option for low-traffic roads, parking lots, and residential streets. Chip sealing is also a relatively quick process and roads can reopen to traffic within hours of application, minimizing traffic disruptions.

The experienced paving contractors from Elite Asphalt installed flex base and two layers of chip seal over the roadways in the subdivision, covering an area of 1,330 linear feet by 20 feet. The company prepped the site by grading and proof-rolling the existing gravel before rolling and setting limestone and pea gravel aggregates into the asphalt oil. Excessive aggregate was then swept away, leaving behind a durable road surface.

Are you thinking about chip sealing services for your property in the Dallas-Fort Worth area? Look no further than Elite Asphalt! Our team of experts provides excellent chip-sealing services for both commercial and residential properties. Contact us today to learn more and get started on your paving project!

Long Driveway Sealcoating and Crack Filling Project in Weatherford TX

In North Texas towns like Weatherford, Elite Asphalt is the trusted paving company for all kinds of property owners, including residential properties, large retail parking lots, commercial agriculture, and even municipalities. Our depth and breadth of experience means we can tackle any kind of asphalt paving project from parking lot installation to asphalt repair.

Recently we were contacted by one of our valued return customers in Weatherford TX called us about a long driveway on their rural property, which was suffering from cracks and wear from exposure to the elements over time. If not sealed, asphalt pavement breaks down when exposed to UV rays, vehicle weight, and water. Pavement maintenance services can stop or slow this process of pavement breakdown. The property owner had gotten some paving services from Elite Asphalt in the past, so they knew we could solve their pavement problems at the most reasonable price.

As soon as possible, we got a pavement inspector out to the property, and then we discussed their pavement repair and maintenance options with the homeowner. Together, we decided on getting crack filling and sealcoating services. Crack filling involves taking hot liquid asphalt emulsions and either injecting or pouring them into pavement cracks to seal them over. Sealcoating is a way to prevent surface deterioration and cracks, so it’s a good service to get after crack filling, as it can protect your new fixed pavement from further breakdown.

If you’re dealing with dry, cracked, deteriorating asphalt pavement on your property, know that you don’t have to suffer vehicle damage and bumpy rides. The asphalt pavement experts at Elite Asphalt are proud to help property owners in DFW area towns like Weatherford TX keep their pavement assets in good repair.

Give Elite Asphalt a call today to discover what we can do for your property!

New Asphalt Roadway Installation in Granbury TX

Upgrading from gravel pavement to asphalt pavement is a big choice, as asphalt paving services need to be done right the first time by a paving company you can trust. North Texas property owners are in luck. In the DFW area, the most reputable and experienced asphalt paving company is Elite Asphalt LLC, and we’re proud to help Texas property owners upgrade their pavement with cost effective asphalt paving services.

In Granbury Texas, a property owner finally saw the need to upgrade their private roadway from gravel to asphalt. After an internet search for the best paving company in Granbury TX, Elite Asphalt was the one they called. They made a good choice. One of our paving experts got out to their property quickly to assess the existing gravel pavement and see what needed to be done as well as how we could do it while costing the customer the least amount of money.

The best asphalt services ended up being grading and compaction of their existing gravel and then installation of an asphalt layer on top. Not having to install a new gravel base layer made this a very cost effective and quick roadway paving project for the experienced Elite Asphalt contractors.

First we got to work improving the existing gravel roadway, improving the grade and using a steel drum vibratory roller to compact the gravel prior to asphalt installation. Next we installed asphalt that was 3 inches thick once compacted, a good thickness for roads that will see traffic from heavy vehicles like trucks with horse trailers. Asphalt is also better for the horses on the property. An asphalt road is also low maintenance and long lasting.

If your property around Granbury TX could use an upgrade, Elite Asphalt is the one to call! We’ll bring our experience to bear on your Texas property, creating a beautiful new road, parking lot, or concrete paving at the lowest cost.

Parking Lot Base Repair and Asphalt Overlay in Fort Worth TX

As the most reputable paving company in Fort Worth TX, Elite Asphalt is always happy to help our clients with their asphalt pavement. Recently one of our commercial paving customers was having a problem with one of their lots. The asphalt pavement had begun to break down, and there were issues with the gravel base layer.

Instability in the base layer is a serious problem because it can cause pavement instability and lead to further complications down the line that require extensive repairs. However, if caught early, more cost effective repair services can get the pavement back to full function. The Fort Worth client was smart to call the Elite Asphalt team early because they knew we have experience with these types of pavement reconstructions. We got an assessor out to their commercial property right away.

Our assessor identified around 4,400 square feet of pavement for the asphalt stabilization process, and they recommended pulverizing the base, constructing a new stabilized base layer, and then laying down a fresh new layer of asphalt over the whole back lot. While this is a bit of work, it would be much cheaper than fully demolishing the entire paved area only to repave it completely from the soil up.

Asphalt overlay is a great choice for commercial property owners who need to repair a large area with varying issues in different areas, as the new asphalt can be laid over both existing and repaired pavement. This ensures that the entire paved area has a fresh surface layer that will last for years.

If you need state of the art pavement repairs like this on your property in DFW, Elite Asphalt is the company to call. We’ll bring our years of experience and customer focus to bear on your next paving project!

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