Busting Myths: Facts on Parking Lot Drainage

Parking Lot Drainage Facts.

The Reason for Proper Drainage on Your Parking Lot

Heavy rains or runoff from a snowstorm can do irreparable damage to your asphalt surface, whether that is a driveway or parking lot.

If not looked after, parking lots can be ruined by water as, over time, water can seep into the base layer of your lot and create cracks, potholes and unevenness.

So what are the problem areas to look out for and why do you need proper drainage on your parking lot?

How Water Damages Parking Lot

Parking lots are built around the world. But where they’re built can change the expected lifespan of a parking lot. Because water damage can have a major impact on the lifespan, appearance and operation of the parking lot. When a parking lot is built at a low elevation or at the bottom of a hill, water will naturally pool on top of the surface. Over time, this will cause major problems and will eventually require a full repaving.

This is because water is able to destroy the cohesiveness of the asphalt-aggregate that your lot is made from. Water damages the binding agents in the mix and causes them to separate. At this point, you’ll see cracks, potholes and breakages appearing.

Parking Lot Drainage Facts

But this doesn’t happen right in front of you. Though you can see water pooling or “birdbaths” forming on your parking lot surface, the actual breakdown of the surface will take years. This is a problem because you will be unable to know how far along the process your parking lot is. It’s for this reason that properly installed drainage is so necessary. With a well-paved parking lot of fully functioning drainage, standing water should not be a problem.

Elite Asphalt’s exceptional drainage systems allow water to be properly drained from your Dallas-Fort Worth parking lot.

Water Pooling or “Birdbath” Problems

Although a birdbath sounds like a pleasant feature for a parking lot, they most certainly are not. A “birdbath” is an industry term for the pooled water found on top of insufficiently drained parking lots, which when unresolved, lead to structural problems for the asphalt surface.

If drainage is an issue at your DFW Area parking lot, it will eventually result in “rutting”. This is a problem that is most obviously seen on areas of the lot that see heavy traffic.
“Raveling”, or a breakup of the upper layer of asphalt, may also take place. Raveling has a characteristic wavy shape and indicates the separation of the aggregate used in the parking lot base.

“Bleeding”, sometimes referred to as “flushing”, can also happen when the asphalt has become damaged. This is due to aggregate binder “bleeding” through the surface and is particularly common during hot days. Due to our hot weather, it’s a common complaint for driveway and parking lot owners in Fort Worth Texas!

Cracks can also be caused by the water pressure left by poor drainage gradually having an impact on the asphalt surface.

All of these are issues to be avoided. If drainage is not properly installed, considerable repair or repaving work may be required.

Improper Drainage Leads to Structural Problems

When the drainage system of a parking lot does not function properly, the underlying structural solidarity of the lot can be compromised.

Though we see pooled sat on the parking lot surface, water is also able to seep into the coating and make its way into the soil base. Water that reaches the subgrade can cause havoc to the parking lot above and create serious structural problems.

If this occurs, then the weight of cars and trucks may be enough to collapse the asphalt. Alternatively, large potholes may form or the asphalt surface may become uneven.
If you’re seeing these signs in your DFW Texas parking lot, get in touch with us!

The Risk to Cars and Users

Structural damage isn’t the only problem for a parking lot. If you are a business owner or own a commercial parking lot then the risks posed by water to the parking lot users and their vehicles is also a concern.

Potholes and depressions in the surface of your Dallas parking lot are trip hazards. They are also possible sources of damage to cars. Both of these are problems that you do not need, as injury to people or vehicles can result in lawsuits.

Parking Lot Drainage Facts

Similarly, standing water can be a hazard as cars skim or hydroplane over it. This can cause problems with stopping quickly that may result in a crash.

To rid yourself of worry and focus on building your business, call Elite Asphalt. We’re professional pavers who know how to install a perfect drainage system.


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