Book Ahead: 5 Signs Your Hotel Needs Maintenance for its Parking Lot

Hotel Parking Lot Maintenance

A hotel parking lot is a hive of action. Guests are coming and going at all hours of the day and night, every single month of the year. Due to this, they receive heavy traffic stress and, as is the way of any working surface, it will suffer a certain amount of wear and tear.

For a hotel, first impressions are everything. Should your parking lot look old and damaged, guests may well have second thoughts about booking a room. They may believe your lot to represent the quality that your hotel provides. And though that isn’t the case, first impressions really do make a difference.

Hotel Parking Lot Maintenance

If you notice signs of wear and tear or general fatigue in your hotel parking lot, then maintenance work from professional paving contractors like Elite Asphalt can help. We provide a full service that brings your hotel parking lot back up to standard so that guests are given the best impression of your business.

Problem Potholes

One of the most common forms of damage to asphalt surfaces is the dreaded pothole. These indentations in an asphalt surface can cause damage to vehicles and even trip parking lot visitors. Potholes usually form due to water beneath the asphalt, degrading the foundation of your surface and eventually causing small collapses.

They’re a sure sign of an under-maintained lot and reflect poorly on the business that owns the lot. For a hotel, where people look for comfort and security, a parking lot pitted with potholes is not a good look.

However, potholes can be quickly repaired with professional parking lot maintenance. A seasoned and skilled team like Elite Asphalt can patch the pothole, or repave the surface depending on the severity.

Get rid of this dangerous eyesore simply and secure your hotel’s exterior health.

Cracks in the Surface

Cracks appearing across the asphalt or pavement surface are a sure sign that your hotel’s parking lot needs some significant work and asphalt maintenance.

There can be several reasons parking lot cracks begin to appear. The stress of weather on an incorrectly protected surface – especially one that is not seal coated – will lead to cracks and breakage as moisture from rain or snow in some area, as well as strong sunlight, degrade the surface. Another leading cause of cracks is improper drainage or a malfunctioning drainage system for your parking lot.

Cracks can be repaired through the application of several different processes. Among those are patching and filling.
Professional paving contractors like Elite Asphalt can remedy cracks in your hotel’s parking lot surface to resolve problems ahead of time.

Deep Damage: Raveling

Raveling is caused by the binding particles in your pavement deteriorating to the point where they come apart. Check your hotel parking lot to see if raveling has occurred by looking for rough or bumpy textures that appear at odds with the rest of your parking lot surface.

Asphalt surfaces should be smooth. If raveling makes your lot look rough and poorly maintained, professional contractors like Elite Asphalt can overlay the surface or use micro-surfacing and sealing techniques to remedy the raveling problem.

Grass or Weeds Growing on Your Parking Lot

Poor drainage or a weak, insufficient base can bring about the growth of grass or weeds on your hotel’s parking lot. This is a classic sign of a parking lot that isn’t maintained and will not look at all impressive to arriving guests.

Poor drainage systems or weak bases can permit grass or weeds to grow right through the paving surface, though most of this unwanted growth is witnessed on the perimeter of the lot.

Elite Asphalt will address the problem by installing a proper drainage system or simply improving the existing one, and fully sealing existing cracks.

A Sticky Business: Oil Spots

Any vehicles that use your hotel’s parking lot may leave residue oil or mechanical liquids on the surface. If you notice dark or greasy areas appearing on your hotel parking lot then it is likely this.

The problem is that oil and mechanical fluids break down the asphalt’s binding elements, damaging the surface’s quality and allowing cracks and breakages to occur.

This must be fixed by applying sealant, or seal coating, to your lot. Paving contractors like Elite Asphalt can carry out this inexpensive service to produce a good-looking, well maintained appearance of your hotel parking lot.

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When you work with Elite Asphalt you experience a service that is a cut above. You’ll never be disappointed. Call us today for a professional consultation.


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